Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Roads

Why do winter roads have to be sketchy especially when I have somewhere to be??? Honestly, do they not realize that I have a life that doesn't include icy patches and multiple car pile ups?

Argh :(

No wedding for me today - it was down in High River. I should be leaving now. Jimmy is glad I am not as he says the roads are slick!

Sure hope the roads clear for Sask . . .

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What fun it is to go to a hockey game when you have a few goals to cheer for

When the Enmax flames lights up more than once

And when the bad guys can't find there way to the net.

What fun it is to go to a hockey game when Iggy scores a sweet one

When Kipper stands on his head to stop the shots

And when Kotalik gets his first of the season.

What fun it is to go to a hockey game when friends see us on TV

When it is the first NHL game for Jimmy's parents 

And when you get to watch the fun highlights all over again

What fun it is to go to a hockey game!!!
What fun!!!

p.s. and to the boys sitting behind us who yipped the whole game
there was an amazing game on the ice that you missed
and I hate to tell you but you really don't know everything

Monday, December 20, 2010

Royal Obsession

Aunty Robin noted today that our wedding date is barely a week before the Royal Wedding date. She was teasing me that maybe we should have our wedding live for public viewing as well. It made me chuckle and for a few minutes day dream about what it would be like to be that royal couple with all the glorious wedding details, not worrying about the budget and having a million people at my beck and call to make my every wish come true.

Then as I was icing my last batch of cookies (which turned out the best of all of them yet), Entertainment Tonight (what else is a girl to watch whilst in the middle of domestic bliss) talked about the latest in the Royal Gossip.

Sure, it would be nice to have the perfect wedding but at what cost? All of Jimmy's and my dirty laundry aired out for all the world to twist and turn into untruths? Would I want every one's eyes upon me guessing if I was pregnant or just gaining weight due to stress? Or perhaps I would look like I had bulimia or anorexia to get that perfect body for the wedding? In the season when I am supposed to be head over heels infatuated with the love of my life, would I want to hash and rehash out our previous fights just because everyone feels like they have a right to know?

So I will stick to my non royal budget. I will bask in the worlds shadows knowing that I am in Jimmy's spotlight. EBay will be my best friend for all the little important accessories. My diamonds don't need to be 32 carats. I will work my butt off at the gym after indulging in Christmas treats knowing that the only one who cares is me. I will blissfully forget about our previous fights, knowing that we learned our lessons and have moved onto a stronger and healthier relationship because of it. Tonight, I will thank God for all the humble living He has blessed me with. And I can tell you one thing, future princess or not, our love is just as real, just as painful, just as exhilarating, just as precious as any in this world.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding Preparations

In the midst of Christmas craziness, I am trying to keep up on all the wedding plans. Thank goodness for online shopping.

I have a little confession to make - I think I am slowly becoming addicted to online shopping. Okay okay . . . maybe it isn't so slow after all. But first there is the thrill of bidding, then the delightful exhilaration that comes from winning and finally It's like any random day is my birthday with the staggered deliveries.

But seriously, from the comfort of my home, I have purchased a beautiful pair of yellow shoes, the most adorable little brooches for the bouquets, a beautiful little something blue for my bouquet and my veil.

Next up, ordering the invitations!

Siamese Chickens Part II

So I finished up the last post and proceeded to whip up a second batch and then the third batch.

You are not going to believe this - but it happened again. These little baby eggs were joined at the liver I think. Crazy! Better buy a lotto ticket or something cause I must be on a lucky streak. Too bad I wasn't on that lucky streak last night when I bought the 50/50 at the Flames game. With a cool $30K I could have ordered all my Christmas baking. And been writing this post at the spa. In Paris.

Okay - back to reality and onto the shortbread. They don't have eggs in them so I think I am safe.

Next up - some crazy sandwichy icing cookies that I am trying for the first time (the other recipe in this little book is a delight though so I don't think they will disappoint) and snickerdoodles. Jimmy ordered snickerdoodles cause they are fun to say. Hee hee - snickerdoodles!

And a quick trip to the mall to exchange a shirt.

Busy day.

Siamese Chickens

I witnessed something today that I may never see again in my life. I am busy finishing up my Christmas baking and cracked an egg for the first of three batches of my chocolate chip cookies (they are on popular request this year). And there, plain as day in my little glass dish, was an egg with two yokes attached - I have never seen such a thing and believe you me have done a lot of egg cracking my in 20 plus something (we don't need to talk about the details on the 'something') years of life.

Siamese chickens - who would have thought that was possible!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I met the seamstress today. She is the one who will work the lovely armani wool into a dapper vest for the handsome men on the wedding day. I cannot wait!!!

On the way, I needed to pick up the rest of the fabric. This found me at Fabricland and I am not going to lie - I get enamored with all that fabric. And the possibilities of what one can do with all of it. So I stopped in again on my way home. Bought some fabric to recover the chairs with. And a little nova scotia tartan to do something with at the wedding. Any ideas anyone???

Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Who Doesn't Carry Cash?'

So apparently I am the epitomy of the thorn in a tax driver's side.

You see, the work offices aren't always in the most convenient locations even though they are all downtown. As of late, my schedule seems to consist of an average of 7.79 hours of meetings a day and sometimes that is over the course of a 60 block radius. The Ctrain is great when i am only a block or two off of 7th Ave but once I get to be 5 or 6 blocks off, it takes me almost 25 minutes to get from my office to the clients. So the best option is to walk down and catch a cab. I am at my destination in 7 minutes!

Despite the fact that hands down, this is my best option, to the drivers, I seem to be hands down their worst fare. Over the past few months I have been yelled at on more than one occasion. One day, the driver was irate that I wasn't needing to go to the airport. Another time, a different driver couldn't believe that I was only offering him $10 (the fare was $5.60). And on more than one occasion, the fact that I would like to put this on a credit card seems to put them over the top.

Well, this week was no exception. I had a meeting onsite down by EauClaire and had 13 minutes to get there. I trot on down to the Sandman, politely ask the gentleman for a ride to 2nd Ave and 3rd St. He graciously complies and we are on our way. As we near my destination, another lady tries to hail the cab. The taxi driver (on my dime) pulls over, rolls down his window and lets her know he will be right back for her. Once I get to my stop, I hand him my card and say 'a receipt for $9 please.'

His reaction was the best yet. He proceeds to alternate between yelling and me and mumbling under his breath. I catch snippets of comments about how stupid I am, annoying, a dumb lady all while he is gruffly trying to take an impression of my card. I finally was able to sign off on the transaction and am stepping out of the car when he throws his pen down on the passenger side floor and yells 'WHO DOESN'T CARRY CASH?'.

You would think that would be enough for one day but I still needed to get back to the office at the end of the day for another meeting.

This gentleman was the most polite of gentlemen, but the cab was disgustingly dirty. I got in on one side only to find the seat cold and wet (apparently he had just picked up his kids from soccer?). Once I move over to the other side in my grey wool pants that are now soaked, I notice that his head rest is filled with hair clippings. The seats were dingy and crusty. The door handles had junk on them. My over active gag reflex kicks in and for the rest of the ride, I can be seen looking out the window intently thinking 'watermelon watermelon'.

I think instead of a raise this year at the office, I am going to ask for a segway. That way I never need to worry about a cab downtown again!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I had a delightful little phone chat with Julie yesterday. We talked about the shoes I ordered for the wedding, custom tats, Christmas plans and other such goings ons. We had also discussed Julie and Lonnie's plans for the evening - Chinese and movies.

Well, Jimmy and I couldn't find a movie we wanted to watch but we did agree on Chinese food! Yummy!!!

And my fortune? Well it did say 'you will be a great success - both in business and socially'. If I believe it does it make it so??? ;-)

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday!!

And even though I have a tonne of work to do this weekend
It sure is nice to not think about that right now
And instead just enjoy the weekend

Thursday, December 09, 2010

the perfect weekend

it starts by picking up a dear friend at the airport
you then chat the night away before finally dragging yourself to bed
the alarm awakens you early but you don't mind
you hop out of bed, whip up smoothies and a coffee and head out to the spectacular mountains
next up is your workout which passes in the blink of an eye as you chat the whole time
you then head back to the locker room, shower, put on your swim suit and robe
muffins, water and a delightful massage
next order lunch in and dine lounging next to a fire with a blanket chatting the hour away
then you head out to the outdoor hottub and gaze out over the beautiful snow capped mountains
finish the afternoon with a pedicure and manicure
drive back into the city making sure you talk non-stop
have another fabulous friend over for the evening
sleep in just a little
have a yummy breakfast
head to the mall to meet the girls and try on potential bridesmaid dresses
a little lunch with more chatter and laughter
then try on the most beautiful dress a girl can dream of buying
head home to a yummy dinner and an evening filled with lots of catching up, online shopping for the perfect shoes and lots of giggles
all too soon you find yourself driving back to the airport and saying good bye
only to head over to a fun little birthday party for one of the newest additions to your friends

you have no idea how much I would like to rewind and start it all over again - not changing a thing - but just enjoying everything to its fullest one more time

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I tried my dress on for a couple of my girls yesterday.
They gushed.
Not too much that it seemed fake.
Not too little that it seemed hesitant.
Just enough to know they think I am beautiful and loved.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Oh and by the by . . . Julie arrives today . . . I am soooo excited!!!

Spa day tomorrow!

Shopping on Saturday!

Good byes on Sunday! Okay not thinking to goodbyes yet! Just hello's in 2 hours!

Miss Manners

I am quite confident that if you look in the Miss Manners book clipping your fingernails on the floor of an office meeting room is not appropriate.

Quite Confident.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tree is Up

I can't quite take pics yet as i need to find another snow blanket for the village (which is partway under the tree) but the tree is up and decorated all pretty, garland is hanging gracefully from the bannister and the fireplace mantle, snowflakes are twinkling in the light, the outdoor lights are well underway (another two or three strings should do the trick) and energy efficient (solar - if all the homeowner horror stories of the power meter dial moving quicker then the human eye can register - this  should help) with a natural timer and the garland is ready for a bit of spice along the kitchen cabinets.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

Now to decide what deliciousness I need to start filling the freezer with -

Ginger cookies

But first - GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goings on and happenings

Mercies - this fall totally flew by. Between planning a wedding (who knew that there were so many details to consider), moving into a house (it is still absolutely beautiful and I am quite excited to decorate it for Christmas) and trying to stay on top of things at work (which seems to be a losing battle these days) I haven't had much time for anything else.

The place did welcome it's first house guest. It was officially initiated when my whole family came (including the nephews). And has been proven to comfortably host a 13 adult dinner party.

We have a church, hall, wedding dress, photographer and on the path for invitations. Our wedding guests have a place to sleep and we have fabric for the guys vests. My hair will look delightful in Sask at least and we are slowly crossing things off the list for NS!

I flew down to Philly for a 3 day demo for work that went superbly! It was during my birthday which made for a fun trip but also kind of felt like the birthday fairy passed me by this year. Does that mean I am still 34??

And honestly that sums up all the goings on in my life.

Oh - and the Riders are officially headed to the Grey Cup again. Can't forget that excitement.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It snowed today

So I turned on the fireplace

Saturday, October 16, 2010

long drives
hunting monsters
nature walks
wedding plans
laughs with old friends
dinners in the field
scavenger hunts
turkey dinner
ice cream
saskatoon pie
Daniel and the Lions Den
new rooms
old treasures

Thanks Mom, Dad, Kim, Trev, Joshua, Rhyder and Chase for the best thanksgiving weekend we could have asked for. Missing you guys tonnes!!!! Looking forward to your visit this way!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i love this moment

sitting on the couch
with a pot of hot tea
the fireplace is burning warmly

this was worth all the events that i said no to because of the budget
this was worth the last three years in the apartment
this . . . this is delightful

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Eep, these are from the backyard of our new house . . .

I Survived

The big day has come and gone. Every muscle in my body has ached at some point over the last few days. Many hands have lugged boxes, mopped floors, hoisted furniture, eaten pizza, washed baseboards and filled garbage bags. After a sleep, we have done it all over again. And every single sweaty stinky second has been worth it.

In the organizing mode now so will post pictures once the boxes are cleared and I have had a chance to add a touch of flare to the place!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's 2 sleeps until the big day. I cannot wait. Have some more packing to do today and my throat is a bit scratchy so I am loading up with zinc lozenges and echinacea. Taking a lazy morning card and watching a couple shows from this week. And then it's time to start loading up the boxes with all my kitchen treasures.


Soooo if we can make it through moving week, I can start on more fun wedding plans!


(p.s. Private Practice and Grey's . . . love those coffee mornng shows)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Spare

I can see the light

It started out quite faint

But it's getting brighter

I am getting closer

There are a lot of empty cupboards

My bathroom is pretty bare

I just packed my handbags

I kept out one handbag though

After all, moving day is still 4 sleeps away

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cape George Auxilliary Coast Guards

We had a very important rescue mission one evening when we were in Nova Scotia. Brent and Jimmy had stopped in at the wharf on their way to pick up the truck when they met Uncle Gerard. We had been summoned to help a poor family that was stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Well, this mission was not for the faint of heart and no-one knew the severity of the situation so of course Brent and Jimmy bee-lined back to the cottage to pick me up, along with my camera. After all - someone needed to be the acting photojournalist.

Uncle Gerard was waiting for us on the boat. The motor was running and the ropes were untied. We quickly jumped on the stern and were off. The time it took to reach the family felt like an eternity. You could feel the tension on the boat as we all prepared for the worst!

Finally after 10 or 15 minutes (I know - they were a long ways out there) we spotted them. The family was huddled together trying to be calm. My camera was ready to capture this miracle in action. The next few minutes was a flury of activity, Jimmy and Brent threw the to-line to the sailboat's port side while uncle gerard checked and rechecked his knots to ensure they would hold. The family frantically rearranged their buoys to ensure the least resistance and damage for the ensuing tow.

Uncle Gerard was ready to bring them in. He revved the motor and started at a steady pace. These waters can change in the blink of an eye - all sea faring folks know this - and so uncle gerard wasn't going to waste a minute. The sailboat's captain in his greenback ways was concerned about the speed. But we all knew that Uncle Gerard's knowledge of the seas was where we were placing our bets.

Our timing was perfect, just as the sun started to drop (an no-one wants to be out on the atlantic at dark) we floated them in port side. Someone was looking out for that family that night!

(You can see how serious the guys are)

(don't the skies look ominous)

Julianno the Tyrannosaurus Rex

I met my dear friend Colleen at the Calgary Farmer's Market on Saturday. (as a total aside - I absolutely love the market everytime i go and always wonder why I don't go more often). She was going to be busking and so we took the opportunity to have coffee first.

I absolutely love spending time with Colleen. and watching her at work is a delight as well.  There was this little guy around the 4 mark I would guess that only roared as he was a tyrannosaurus rex, silly. So Colleen made up a song on the spot for Julianno the t-rex. The next thing I know, his hands take on the look of ancient creatures of past, he starts to circle Colleen stomping to the beat of 'his song'. It was absolutely adorable.

Colleen you are a delight in my life and judging from the faces on the people you met today - you are a delight to everyone who has a chance to see even a small glimpse of your soul!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall is here

I know fall is here because all my favorite shows are back.

That and the fact that my toes are freezing in flip flops.
(But I refuse to put the flip flops away cause I am not ready for winter yet)

And already I am in love with Lauren Graham and her show, Parenthood.

20 minutes into the second season and I had tears.

Counting down the days until Grey's, Brothers and Sisters and Private Practice!

Just have to get all settled into that new house.
(But I kept out my Gilmore Girls so I have some packing company and such delightful company they are!)


Monday, September 13, 2010

The signs

Jimmy and I have each been on a budget for well over a year. And in case you have forgotten, I have had a few lows and highs that have impeded the progress at times but in April we made the big leap and were pre-approved for the mortgage. Next step - finding a realtor and figuring out our must haves!

To get an idea of the communities we liked and what might possibly be available, we went for a Sunday afternoon drive. Wildwood was our most favorite location, and there were numerous listings but once we came home and looked them up on MLS, very few were actually within our budget. There was this little yellow house in particular that we quite liked. From the exterior - it fit all our criteria including being a 4 level split. (Sign #1 - the perfect house in Wildwood)

Jimmy and I tried to keep our chins up; we had talked at length and were both comfortable that we had lots of time to find the perfect house. In the meantime, we were not going to stress about it. Rather we would enjoy our summer trip back to Nova Scotia and plan to start looking seriously in September and October.

The Sunday before we left for Nova Scotia, we called our realtor (who, if anyone is looking, is absolutely amazing - I am quite confident we wouldn't have necessarily had the same success with many others), Tracey and forwarded over the master spreadsheet I had created (okay, I am a bit of a spreadsheet geek . . . ). This was all done in hopes that by the time I got back from Dallas (4 weeks later) we would have a few places to check out. I was ready - I had made us spreadsheets for everything. The deal breakers, the nice to haves, the important details we needed to check out when we looked at the house!

It took a couple days for our registration to kick in to receive the automatic property matches and so when the house we had spotted in Wildwood showed up, it was the Wednesday before vacation and we were leaving first thing Friday morning. Incredible - it had dropped a hundred thousand dollars! (Sign #2 - our dream house was within our price range after a crazy price drop) I emailed Tracey to let her know that if it was still free, we would like to look at the house.

Then we were off . . . both of us were sooo excited for our vacation and the warm weather in Nova Scotia that we really didn't think much about house shopping. In fact, I had totally forgotten about the Wildwood house. It wasn't until a couple of days before we came home that we had any further discussions.

We were only supposed to have 2 nights in Calgary together before Jimmy left for a golf trip to Vancouver Island and I was leaving for Dallas less then 7 hours from when he was supposed to fly back into Calgary. This didn't leave us any time for checking out places but through a few random events his golfing trip was cancelled. (Sign #3 - we were able to look at houses together)

It worked out perfectly as this opened up Wednesday night to go house shopping. Tracey was leaving Thursday morning for an extended weekend and we just wanted to get out with her once so that she could have a better idea of what we were looking for.

I sent Tracey a list and at the last minute, remembered the house in wildwood and went searching for it (Sign #4 - God wouldn't let me forget about it). We had a list of 6 houses and Tracey asked us to sort them in order of preference. Since 5 were in Dalhousie I thought it easiest to start there and so put a couple of houses in that community at the top. As luck would have it - our top pick and then our second top pick were both conditionally sold by the time we headed out. (Sign #5 - the houses were conditionally sold earlier in the day so that we didn't 'think' we were in love and rush into an area that wasn't our first choice) The first 2 we looked at were quite a disappointment and I was trying really hard not to get discouraged.  The next one was okay. The fourth house we saw restored my hope as we quite enjoyed the living, dining and kitchen area. Then we headed to Wildwood.

About half way through checking out the house, I ran into Jimmy and we both expressed how much we liked this one. (Sign #6 - without speaking to one another we each felt that it was 'the one') We each went our ways again and circled back to talk to Tracey about it. By the time we left the house, Tracey had a feeling there might be another offer on the table and so we briefly chatted about next steps. (Sign #7 - Tracey had an intuition that we needed to seriously consider putting an offer on it soon) We went from 'let's sleep on it' to 'okay Tracey will head home and pull some comparisons and we may put in an offer tonight' to 'Tracey will go to her friend's house to pull comparisons' to 'Tracey will come to my apartment to pull comparisons and we will put in an offer'!  (Sign #8 - throughout the process, Tracey's intuition got stronger and stronger) None of us were prepared for all of this to be coming together so quickly.

The next two and a half hours are a blur. It involved signing a stack of papers, agreeing on a price, Tracey calling in the quote, Tracey handing in our official offer as they were about to sign the other offer (Sign #9 - our timing was impecable - 5 minutes later and we wouldn't be at the table), Jimmy and I heading over to sit outside the house and eat A&W in the van with Tracey, the sellers realtor coming out and asking us to each put in our best offer and that 'God will decide' (Sign #10 - assurance that none of this process was in our control), the sellers realtor mentioning how emotional the couple were; Tracey telling the sellers realtor about our new engagement (Sign #11 - Jimmy's timing was also impecable) and driving past the house wishing upon it, the sellers choosing us (Sign #12 - need I say more - they chose us!!!) - - - financed offer for less money then the other ladie's offer - - - all because they wanted to give us a break! I still get goose bumps!!! This story has God's gracious hand all over it.

p.s. It happened so fast we didn't have time to bust out my spreadsheet once . . . hee hee

p.p.s.  Possession is in two weeks from tomorrow

p.p.p.s. I haven't started to pack yet . . . eep!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A love letter a day . . .

It is stories like this that grow my trust in love everlasting. Stories like this that reminds me that I cannot take a moment for granted. Stories like this that fuel a burning desire that all of my loved ones can experience the same kind of love.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Remember to tell your special someone how much you care for them today.

I love you Jimmy!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Camp

Brent took us up to The Camp again this summer. I must say, the camp is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit when we go home to Nova Scotia.  There are a few others that can be included in this list: the cape, the beach, the wheel . . . so I was quite excited to take a trip up Brown's Mountain.

It was my first trip up during the day. The trees were a rich green and the ferns so lush. You could breathe it all in! It was the perfect afternoon to listen to Brent's tall tales, snap a few photos and enjoy the sunshine.

If you are dying to see the inside of the cabin, you can check out these pics I took last time.  Thanks Brent for the perfect afternoon!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A tale of things to come

So . . . I am back - finally!! Hee hee

It has been such a fun month though that I can't possibly wish to trade a moment of it for anything else.

Sneak preview of some posts to come:

Nova Scotia in all it's beauty (i love spending time with family and friends)

A little PEI (and some raspberry cordial of course)

Dallas and all my drawling friends (they are quite a delight . . . it is true!)

Wedding plans (eep . . . no we don't quite have a date yet and I am not positive on the colors but I am thinking about bachelor buttons . . . )

Road trips to the Gorge for a little Dave Matthews and Ben Harper (sigh . . . I do enjoy them)

And last but not least . . .

A new house (for the grown up painting of course)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My first grown up piece of art

I absolutely love it . . . and am so excited to call it my own. I think that Rebekah Joy Plett is an awesome artist and I love the expressions that she captures on her faces. She just did a little art sale on ebay and I happen to be the lucky winner. This painting is my favorite that I have seen of hers.

Don't you just love the little octopus, pearls and pink flowers in her hair??

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It was another beautiful day in Antigonish. After a perfect day of fish and chips, sun, beaches and good friends, Jimmy suggested that we head over to Arisaig to the waterfalls and watch the sun setting over the ocean. We packed up a beach bag and were off.

The evening was perfect. We walked through a canopy of trees stopping at the ocean lookouts along the way. I was a bit worried that we weren't going to find the waterfalls but Jimmy's quiet confidence soon had me enjoying the night.

As we neared the falls we could hear their quiet strength. The evening seemed to fill with the resounding vibration of the water crashing down below and the waves crashing to shore. We stopped to enjoy the view, breathed deeply to take in the salt water. This is why I love summer.

We rounded the corner to the falls. The water is dancing in the sunlight. Jimmy gives my hand a little squeeze. I love moments like these. Everything feels so right. So perfect.

The sun was starting to color the sky. Jimmy came over to where I was standing. He told me how much he loves me. My heart smiles. I never knew that my heart could be this full. He whispers words of endearment and begins to fumble in his pocket. Could this be? The moment that everyone dreams of before they even understand what love is all about?

As Jimmy gets down on one knee my heart is beating louder than the crashing waves. I begin to do a little dance and I vaguely remember motioning him to hurry with the question. The rest is a bit of a blur . . . I remember hearing 'Juliane Lynn Berkan', I remember my heart hurting as it stretches to encompass my growing love, I think I might have squealed and there was a beautiful ring in a box.

And I am quite sure that somewhere in there, I said yes!

I love you Jimmy with all my heart!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

long flights
wheel pizza
great friends
swinging the clubs
potato patch fires
the camp
playing in the ocean
steak dinner
green gables
new friends
family dinner
red beaches
live play
donnair pizza
cheese factory springs
the cape

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It was the best weekend yet. We had played the whole time, talked well into the night and giggled so much our stomachs hurt. The bags were all packed waiting by the door with everyone's pillows on top but we weren't ready to part.

All too soon Uncle Dale's voice called up the stairs saying that it was time to start the trip. Maybe if we didn't answer, we can get a little more time together. A hush fell upon us as we wish they would forget that it was time to leave. Please. Alas Uncle Dale is calling again. We contemplate hiding. Would the weekend together never end if we found a secret hiding place? If we don't answer its beckoning will time stand still??

Many years later and I still feel that way. Can I hide in a secret spot so time has to stop and the summer has to continue? If I pretend to not hear when Jimmy says it is time to pack my suitcase can I steal a few more minutes?  Oh if only it were true . . . it was the best weekend yet . . . I am not ready to part.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fullerton Loop

Brenda and I headed out near Elbow falls for a little hike and what a delightful hike it was.

The fields were filled with wildflowers.

The sun was beaming down.

And the views made the climb seem like a distant memory.

We cooled our hot feet in the little elbow lake and grabbed a slurpee for the drive home. What a perfect day.!!

I knew it was going to happen at some point . . .

I have been waiting

Over the past 5 years worrying about it

Sometimes gazing into the sky watching

I also checked for any signs

Avoided obvious obstacles

But somewhere in the past week

I stopped waiting for it

I didn't worry

And most times I didn't even gaze into the sky

I wasn't taking heed of where I stopped

And just when I stopped expecting it . . . It happened!!!

Oh yes it happened

Argh . . . it happened

A bird was flying by

And just couldn't hold it anymore

Oh no he couldn't

Argh . . . nope he couldn't

All over the back seat of Zinny

Poor Zinny

I promise to be more diligent from now on

Argh . . . I knew it was going to happen

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jimmy's aunt and uncle were in town for the Stampede this year. I was quite excited about the fact that we got to visit the grounds with them. 

As we perused our options for food and entertainment, we found ourselves by the Aboriginal Village so stopped in to watch some dancing.

It wouldn't be stampede unless you visited the horses.

Jimmy making friends

Anxiously awaiting the chucks to start

Love those mini donuts - and for the record a bucket is more than enough for 5!

I was sooo excited for the Grandstand Show. I have also loved the song and dance, sparkly costumes and lots of lights.
I missed the phot op but at one point there weere 4 riders in this globe riding while other riders were jumping their bikes next to him. It was insane!

Towards the end of the show, the skies were promising to open up. On our "run" back to the car, I was trying to get at least of couple of "night light" shots.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

For those of you curious . . .

We are starting to get a lot more serious on the house search! Spent a lazy afternoon in our friend's backyard yesterday and the thought of haing a yard like that for ourselves quite excites me.

Not so excited about shovelling snow again or mowing the grass but super excited about a nice big kitchen that I can cook and bake in to my heart's content. A place that can host many a dinner party. A shower that doesn't go hot and cold based on the other 18 floors of neighbors and their morning routines. A big deck for bbqs and maybe even a lilttle firepit or fireplace tucked away somewhere. A spare bedroom that I can store my gifts and wrapping paper in. Walls that I can paint.

Certainly gonna miss walking to work (maybe we can still find a place close enough) and strolling down 17th. It will be hard to say goodbye to a starbucks one block over, a variety of restaurants within a 10 minute walk and my favorite Co-op. However, I am sure that where ever I move to will have its own charm! Afterall it will have me in the neighborhood - right????

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now it's time to vote . . .

Remember that cool artist cat I was telling you about?

Well now it's time to vote for Rebekah. Soooo all you have to do is go here and click on 'Rate This Artists'!!
Is it bad that I spend my days looking forward to the next weekend? It's not that I don't enjoy my job. In fact on most days the 8 hour day feels like about 3. However, in a country that is iced over for 90% of the year, I cannot wait for summer. And now that it is here I wish I could be lounging by a pool, swinging the clubs, going for a walk, floating down the river, eating an ice cream sunday, cruising through the mountains with the top down, having a picnic, roasting a hot dog, camping, hiking, biking, roller blading . . . oh all the summer fun!

Alas I will do my best to fit them all in. If only the office had a pool side cabana I could work in!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Graceful Exit

So I would like to blame all of this on my black and blue toe . . . I am quite confident that it is affecting my balance!

I had to go to a client's office on Thursday. I wasn't sure about the dress code as it is the day before Stampede and at Entero that means jeans. However, this isn't necessarily true for a client site. So to be on the safe side, I decided to wear a little dress with a 3/4 cardi. The dress is strapless which means I can catch a few rays during my lunch date but for an office, it most certainly requires a cardigan. Anyways that is a long diatribe to attempt to set the wardrobe so you can really appreciate the next part of the story.

We had just finished SEEDing the inventory (trust me - you don't want to know any more details on that) and I was getting up to go. My client, Lisa, was sitting at her desk watching the whole scene unfold.

The chairs were quite close to the desk but rather than side shimmying, I decided to turn to walk out normally. My left foot gets caught on the chair and I know instantly what is going to happen. The arms fly out frantically trying to right myself. I still can't get either foot free and the momentum is too much. My legs crumple, the glasses go flying and I find myself in a heap on the floor.

Due to the extra adrenalin of utter embarrassment, I quickly pop-up, pull the back of my dress down and pick up my sunglasses. Lisa and I are both dying laughing as Luke comes running around the corner to make sure I am okay.

Seriously - twice in one week??? And now I have a quarter size rug burn on the same bruised knee from Sunday.

I don't know how I manage to make it through life without breaking every bone in my body!

My Graceful Entrance

I was in charge of the food run last Sunday since no-one was really feeling like cooking. By the time I arrived at Jimmy's place, I was starving and soo excited for food. My hands were full - a drink tray with 4 drinks, a bag with the fries (mmmmm - I do think that McDonald french fries are the best fries in town) and a bag with the various burgers.

Halfway up the stairs I somehow managed to stub my toe and trip. The drink tray goes flying and the 4 drinks all pop out out. I try to catch myself with my hands that are each carrying a brown bag . . . the fries all mush together breaking my fall! One of the drinks tops comes off as pepsi gushes out all over myself, my purse and the stairs.

Jimmy comes flying around the corner upon hearing my ruckus to make sure I am okay! Except for the bruised knee and black and blue toe, all is good!

Monday, July 05, 2010

on a summer's night

bbqd hamburgers
patio lanterns
maple leaf candles
fireworks on the balcony
planning PEI
dinner out
evening strolls
a new book
whittling down the 'To Do's'
donair pizza
summer kiss

and now the countdown is on till summer vacation

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Help a sister out

In case you didn't notice the link in my blog reads on the side, please check this out.

Rebekah is an artist that has illustrated the BlueBeary books that my dear friend Colleen is the publisher on. I have never met Rebekah but by reading her blog and following her work I have come to quite delight in her works, her energy and her inspiring demeanor. She is entering a little contest for a showing of her work in NYC and is asking for some help picking her submission. And the best part of it - you might just be the lucky winner of a free print of your favorite painting.

Click here and follow her links to her portfolio.

Good luck!!

In case you are wondering, one of my favorites has always been Love is Compassionate!

Tis the season

For us ladies to scrutinize ourselves a little closer in the mirror. To be extra aware of every blemish and curve. To try and find the perfect swimsuit that works it's own little magic on us.

Every year we go through this process. And if I could share that as I read my Women's Health magazine, I berate myself for not taking better care of my body over the winter. I always vow to stay in better shape over the sweater season. As girlfriends, our conversations touch on the dreaded swim suite shopping! I really don't think about how these ladies look outside of the digital editing world.

Today, I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and came across this link for swimsuit photo shoot editing and was amazed at the touch ups they do.

So this is my message to all of you:

Ladies - love your bodies. The models we aspire to look like are not real depictions. And gentlemen, be gracious to your ladies. Let them know you love them for all their curves and blemishes!

Happy summer everyone!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So i wanted a little snack and since summer is here and bathing suit season can not be denied - i went for carrots. Safe, healthy and especially good for the old eyeballs.

But apparently I am a geek and the only one who could possibly swallow a carrot in such a way that it feels like it is stuck.

The following morning my voice is so husky and the throat is swollen and sore.

Seriously?? Who knew carrots could do so much damage.

The following day after the day after, the pain is gone but I sound like I am about to lose my voice!

Tell me how you explain that one to clients . . . .

Monday, June 21, 2010

A delightful day for a walk

One of those rare days in June that it wasn't raining or snowing, I took a little walk around the neighborhood and here are a few things I found:

A house that I would love to call home

A tree all in bloom

A bench begging to be sat on

A fence post leading to an adventure

My two favorite flavors of cotton candy - yummy

So many hats - I don't know which one to choose

A spiderman cape - now if only I could make the world a better place

A pet in the making

The kind of music that makes your feet want to dance