Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Graceful Entrance

I was in charge of the food run last Sunday since no-one was really feeling like cooking. By the time I arrived at Jimmy's place, I was starving and soo excited for food. My hands were full - a drink tray with 4 drinks, a bag with the fries (mmmmm - I do think that McDonald french fries are the best fries in town) and a bag with the various burgers.

Halfway up the stairs I somehow managed to stub my toe and trip. The drink tray goes flying and the 4 drinks all pop out out. I try to catch myself with my hands that are each carrying a brown bag . . . the fries all mush together breaking my fall! One of the drinks tops comes off as pepsi gushes out all over myself, my purse and the stairs.

Jimmy comes flying around the corner upon hearing my ruckus to make sure I am okay! Except for the bruised knee and black and blue toe, all is good!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Oh my!! Are you sure it was just you that Jimmy was worried about??? After all you said McD's has the best fries!! Sorry that you hurt yourself.