Sunday, December 19, 2010

Siamese Chickens Part II

So I finished up the last post and proceeded to whip up a second batch and then the third batch.

You are not going to believe this - but it happened again. These little baby eggs were joined at the liver I think. Crazy! Better buy a lotto ticket or something cause I must be on a lucky streak. Too bad I wasn't on that lucky streak last night when I bought the 50/50 at the Flames game. With a cool $30K I could have ordered all my Christmas baking. And been writing this post at the spa. In Paris.

Okay - back to reality and onto the shortbread. They don't have eggs in them so I think I am safe.

Next up - some crazy sandwichy icing cookies that I am trying for the first time (the other recipe in this little book is a delight though so I don't think they will disappoint) and snickerdoodles. Jimmy ordered snickerdoodles cause they are fun to say. Hee hee - snickerdoodles!

And a quick trip to the mall to exchange a shirt.

Busy day.


Elaine Scott said...

I believe that means that you will have not one but two sets of twins. Sucks to be you . . .

Jules said...

Mercies - I take it that you won't be offering to babysit??