Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Graceful Exit

So I would like to blame all of this on my black and blue toe . . . I am quite confident that it is affecting my balance!

I had to go to a client's office on Thursday. I wasn't sure about the dress code as it is the day before Stampede and at Entero that means jeans. However, this isn't necessarily true for a client site. So to be on the safe side, I decided to wear a little dress with a 3/4 cardi. The dress is strapless which means I can catch a few rays during my lunch date but for an office, it most certainly requires a cardigan. Anyways that is a long diatribe to attempt to set the wardrobe so you can really appreciate the next part of the story.

We had just finished SEEDing the inventory (trust me - you don't want to know any more details on that) and I was getting up to go. My client, Lisa, was sitting at her desk watching the whole scene unfold.

The chairs were quite close to the desk but rather than side shimmying, I decided to turn to walk out normally. My left foot gets caught on the chair and I know instantly what is going to happen. The arms fly out frantically trying to right myself. I still can't get either foot free and the momentum is too much. My legs crumple, the glasses go flying and I find myself in a heap on the floor.

Due to the extra adrenalin of utter embarrassment, I quickly pop-up, pull the back of my dress down and pick up my sunglasses. Lisa and I are both dying laughing as Luke comes running around the corner to make sure I am okay.

Seriously - twice in one week??? And now I have a quarter size rug burn on the same bruised knee from Sunday.

I don't know how I manage to make it through life without breaking every bone in my body!

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Mom said...

Did you by any chance have your pink stilettos on?? 3 tumbles in the last 3 months is too much. Take care.