Monday, September 16, 2013

Cherry Certs

As I mentioned, last week was a touch trying (perhaps the understatement of my year) and what made it extra hard was to not have anyone there with me. 

I don't really have any friends in Pittsburgh per say... My client has some really nice people but none that I have established a relationship with outside of the office. Jimmy was at home in Calgary. And my family was working through Dad's accident in Saskatchewan. 

It never felt so good to get home to Calgary as it did on Friday. To have full access to phone and email. To have a support network I could reach out to. To have a hug... Lots of hugs. As you can well expect, this Monday had never been so hard to leave. 

I was at the airport buying my regular bottle of water for the flight when I noticed cherry Certs. The package promised me they were the 'original' mint. Without a second thought I plucked the package off the display, paid for my items and immediately proceeded to unwrap the certs and pop one in my mouth. I was not disappointed in the least. 

It immediately took me back to simpler times. Riding in the car with Aunty Shirley on the way to church or errands. At a random red light she would dig in her purse, pull out a package and pass them around. 

It isn't a hug or a friend in Pittsburgh but it is a little taste of family and friends back home in Saskatchewan. 

Wishing now I would have picked up a second package...

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