Thursday, December 09, 2010

the perfect weekend

it starts by picking up a dear friend at the airport
you then chat the night away before finally dragging yourself to bed
the alarm awakens you early but you don't mind
you hop out of bed, whip up smoothies and a coffee and head out to the spectacular mountains
next up is your workout which passes in the blink of an eye as you chat the whole time
you then head back to the locker room, shower, put on your swim suit and robe
muffins, water and a delightful massage
next order lunch in and dine lounging next to a fire with a blanket chatting the hour away
then you head out to the outdoor hottub and gaze out over the beautiful snow capped mountains
finish the afternoon with a pedicure and manicure
drive back into the city making sure you talk non-stop
have another fabulous friend over for the evening
sleep in just a little
have a yummy breakfast
head to the mall to meet the girls and try on potential bridesmaid dresses
a little lunch with more chatter and laughter
then try on the most beautiful dress a girl can dream of buying
head home to a yummy dinner and an evening filled with lots of catching up, online shopping for the perfect shoes and lots of giggles
all too soon you find yourself driving back to the airport and saying good bye
only to head over to a fun little birthday party for one of the newest additions to your friends

you have no idea how much I would like to rewind and start it all over again - not changing a thing - but just enjoying everything to its fullest one more time

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