Monday, April 03, 2006

Gong Show Magnet

And if any of you think that I am not talking about my life . . .

Okay so listen to this small rant which actually has me battling discouragement over it: So Sunday was a gorgeous day. I must admit was feeling a little discouragement in the morning at our lead team meeting but church and worship were amazing and then I came home, had some lunch while talking to a friend and went for a nice long prayer walk. My spirits were quite refreshed and the day was gorgeous. Next item on my list was grocery shopping - well since the day was so beautiful it seemed a shame to not put the top down. As I am driving to Safeway, I am realizing that the 5 minute drive is not nearly long enough for this day so I turn down McKnight, catch Edmonton Trail and hook up with Memorial Drive - my favorite strip for a topless cruise!! Well, as I am stopping in the long line of cars, I look in my rear view mirror to see this huge pathfinder barreling down on me - I tense up and await the crash which to my relief does not occur with about 8" to spare, then I hear someone locking their breaks, squealing tires and the sickening sound of plastic and metal being warped beyond recognition as my body jolts forward in the seat (the force was enough to cause my 1/3 full Tim's (1/2 FV and 1/2 Coffee - thanks for that introduction Sarah) to slosh all over the counsel). Well the pathetic string of cars led by myself turns off on a side street and begins to exchange numbers! Poor little Zinny :( She looked so sad and bruised sitting there waiting while I got everything worked out. The Pathfinder had this huge metal grill which crumpled her little bumper and trunk. The gentleman who caused the accident definitely saw the worst of it - his Honda Civic had the entire engine blown out as he ran into the wheel well on the Pathfinder - poor guy. Alas, not only will Zinny's spa date have to be cancelled but now I need to schedule her for some corrective surgery - all I can say is Why Me? Oh well - as my friend so sympathetically put it - cars can be fixed, the main thing is that I am all right (my body is pretty stiff so will be getting some massages out of this deal as well - not all is bad in the state of Denmark I suppose) and that it wasn't his muscle car cause that would be a lot harder to find parts for!