Sunday, July 18, 2010

For those of you curious . . .

We are starting to get a lot more serious on the house search! Spent a lazy afternoon in our friend's backyard yesterday and the thought of haing a yard like that for ourselves quite excites me.

Not so excited about shovelling snow again or mowing the grass but super excited about a nice big kitchen that I can cook and bake in to my heart's content. A place that can host many a dinner party. A shower that doesn't go hot and cold based on the other 18 floors of neighbors and their morning routines. A big deck for bbqs and maybe even a lilttle firepit or fireplace tucked away somewhere. A spare bedroom that I can store my gifts and wrapping paper in. Walls that I can paint.

Certainly gonna miss walking to work (maybe we can still find a place close enough) and strolling down 17th. It will be hard to say goodbye to a starbucks one block over, a variety of restaurants within a 10 minute walk and my favorite Co-op. However, I am sure that where ever I move to will have its own charm! Afterall it will have me in the neighborhood - right????

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