Monday, June 21, 2010

A delightful day for a walk

One of those rare days in June that it wasn't raining or snowing, I took a little walk around the neighborhood and here are a few things I found:

A house that I would love to call home

A tree all in bloom

A bench begging to be sat on

A fence post leading to an adventure

My two favorite flavors of cotton candy - yummy

So many hats - I don't know which one to choose

A spiderman cape - now if only I could make the world a better place

A pet in the making

The kind of music that makes your feet want to dance


Mom said...

Beautiful pictures! My mouth is watering for the candy floss!!!! Now I know what I can do with Gramps cap collection - come home with Zinny next time - you can make some extra money!!!

Jules said...

Thanks mom!

Hee hee on gramps cap collection - i'm sure we could make enough to buy icecream!!!!

Anonymous said...

you have some great pictures here. I love the way you approach the angles so that the simple objects get a dynamic look.