Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Zinny

For those of you who know me you know that over the last year my priorities for spending have gone something like this:
  • New condo
  • Debt elimination - yeah to no more student loans and car loans
  • Travel
  • Dining out
  • Keeping Zinny healthy
  • Life

Okay okay, in all reality a fabulous opportunity for a wonderful trip presented itself and thus Travel quickly shot to the top of the list. As a result the condo purchase has still not happened nor is planned for in the immediate future. But Barcelona sure was lovely!!!

And somewhere along the months, starting with last winter's icky roads, a cute little guardian angel started to whisper in the right ear that I needed to invest in winter tires. Once spring came and the snow was thawing it was an easy committment to make. Keep the all seasons i bought with the car through the summer and then get winter tires come winter. The 'keeping zinny healthy' category grew to a bit of a larger investment then I had originally intended this summer but I guess all of that factors into the 'life' category.

Then somehow the dentist needed to be factored into life - icky - and I am still not done with that - argh I say!!! But Mallorca sure was beautiful!!

After a bit of a treacherous couple of hours during our 9.5 hour drive home (it should only be a 7 hour trip) for Thanksgiving (the highways are not supposed to be icy at that time of the year nor is there supposed to be snow on the roads!! Pops, it is just not meant to be!!!) the guardian angel was no longer whispering but was now loudly speaking that I should really invest in winter tires. Good thing he was still cute. My case to justify waiting just a little longer weakened even more when the city was covered in snow Tuesday morning turning everyone's 10 minute drive into more than an hour and resulting in many people not even trying to come into the office.

So, we placed a call to Canadian tire and agreed to drop my car off on Tuesday night. Jimmy wanted to make sure I got the tires I needed before they ran out of stock again and after white knuckling it on some of the side streets on my way I reluctantly agreed this was going to be a wise decision. I have to admit though - I still wasn't sure that I was ready to invest another significant lump sum in Zinny. Have Imentioned how beautfiul Barcelona was - a winter hot holiday would be a delight!!! And that would be a whole week I wouldn't even need to drive Zinny. Factor in Calgary's chinooks and really . . . . I should be able to only have to drive her 3 times on crummy roads. Right??

But now that I have Zinny back and she doesn't look too awful with ner new winter rims, I think I am actually excited about her winter tires. We haven't had any snowy days to test her out yet but I have a feeling that winter driving won't be quite as scary for me this year as it has been for the last few years. And I did try her out on some snowy back alley's just to see!!

So to all those of you who aren't sure if you should listen to your guardian angel, I would agree that winter tires are worth the investment. Even though it has meant my years spending priorities have truly turned into:

  • Travel
  • Zinny
  • Dentist
  • Debt Reduction
  • Dining Out
  • New Condo
  • Life

And Barcelona really was lovely! And my guardian angel is quite cute!!

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