Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jimmy's aunt and uncle were in town for the Stampede this year. I was quite excited about the fact that we got to visit the grounds with them. 

As we perused our options for food and entertainment, we found ourselves by the Aboriginal Village so stopped in to watch some dancing.

It wouldn't be stampede unless you visited the horses.

Jimmy making friends

Anxiously awaiting the chucks to start

Love those mini donuts - and for the record a bucket is more than enough for 5!

I was sooo excited for the Grandstand Show. I have also loved the song and dance, sparkly costumes and lots of lights.
I missed the phot op but at one point there weere 4 riders in this globe riding while other riders were jumping their bikes next to him. It was insane!

Towards the end of the show, the skies were promising to open up. On our "run" back to the car, I was trying to get at least of couple of "night light" shots.

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