Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Monday

Mercies - Monday's are not my favorite.
But the Monday is almost over.
And it was the Monday after a trip home to Sask for our wedding shower.
The late nights and earlyish mornings were worth it.
We saw Rhyder play a great game.
Even though we were dreadfully late my good friends waited it out for a night of visiting.
We finished a bit of our homework, found some great photo spots and started to think about the wedding ceremony.
And after that much fun, it is inevtibale to find a Monday.
But the Monday is almost over now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What makes a perfect Wednesday

Well let's have a birthday lunch with one of my bestests at a delicious restaurant. Add in the fact that the wedding dress has arrived. Include a cozy blanket on a comfy couch with the fireplace flickering. Top it off with this week's Bachelor. And a delightful phone date with another one of my bestests, the matron of honor bestest! Oh and don't forget the delicious dinner of lucky charms!


I can finally tell you the exciting news. I am sure that many of you have already heard but for those of you that haven't - I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTY AGAIN!

I know, crazy, right?

Trev and Kim were done with kids. We had the three boys and that was to be it! We joked about how we needed a fourth to balance things out (especially who gets to sit next to me at dinner). But we all knew it was just a joke. No more children coming our way.

Well it appears as though God had other plans. Uh huh - he certainly did. None more surprised than Trev and Kim, I am sure.

Will it be another adorable boy? Is it going to be a little pink bundle that will be spoiled beyond belief? Only time will tell! But in the meantim . . . ohhhh my goodness . . . another little baby to snuggle by this Christmas!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


60 Days . . .

Oh yeah it is . . .

So many exciting things happening between now and then . . .

But it is 60 days . . . 2 months . . . 5 dozen days . . . less than 9 weeks

Jimmy has no clue how lucky he is . . .But he's about to find out . . .

Oh Yeah he is!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Brisket and Chocolate

Had some great friends over for dinner tonight and so I decided to go against mom and dad's entertaining rules of 'never try a new recipe'. I had been reading a food blog a while ago that was talking about a Maple Brisket. 'Brisket' is new to me. I wasn't sure what cut of meat it was nor was I sure where to find it but thanks to Brad I was ready to give it a go today. He reviewed the recipe to make sure that it contained all the necessary ingredients, gave me a few tips on searing, etc. and after tracking one down at the local co-op (I love that store) I was ready.

Mercies, it was delicious! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to try something new. I just hope everyone at the table felt the same way. Jimmy did say if he wasn't worried about being rude he would have eaten much more so I will take that as an okay to make again.

And for dessert? Well nutella brownies and ice cream of course!


SkinCare Wonders

Jimmy did an awesome job with his Christmas gifts this year. As it was (2010) the New House Year and the Engagement Year, we really weren't in the position to buy extravagant gifts. Rather we needed to save for the Wedding Year (2011). As such the agreement was stocking stuffers up to a reasonable limit.

To give you a little background, I am the kind of girl that loves cosmetics. All of it - the lip balms, eyeshadows, creams, hair shimmer. If it is the least bit girlie - I love it. I don't know why. I am not addicted to them (as I saw on the preview for that crazy new show) nor do I wear a lot or even use them on a regular basis all the time. But I do love them. I don't think Jimmy really knew that I love them - but sometimes he has the lucky pick that turns out perfect (kind of like when he picked me . . . . )

Sometimes it is the packaging that draws me, sometimes the name, other times the promised results, the scents, the flavors and sometimes just cuz. So when I opened my face care products from Jimmy, I was excited. The packaging was beautiful. They smelt so nice and light. And even though my skin has been the perfect look for a proactiv commercial, I was excited to give it a whirl. (Fully expecting of course that the product would be too heavy and not usable but I would use it the odd time travelling or on a Saturday).

Well, if I can share, I LOVE IT!

Avani is an absolutely incredible product. After a year on Proactiv my skin looked okay but certainly not great. After 3 months of Avani, it has a glow and a refreshed look that I haven't had since I was 20. It is soft and smooth to the touch. I even head out of the house without yes I said without makeup sometimes.

The cream is heavy but it doesn't feel anything but moisturizing on the skin. Jimmy bought me a cleansing toner, night anti aging/repairing cream (not sure what he was trying to tell me there - hee hee), the moisturizing cream pictured above and a face mask. Love them all!

So if anyone is looking for a new skin care line or is as addicted to cosmetics as I am, here is a great one to try.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wow - people say that time goes faster as you get older but I just can't imagine how it can get any faster. Mercies!!!

So anyways, this flying week included:

  • a winning goal and precelebration ice cream
  • crazy insanley over the top busy work and wondering how i am going to get it all done
  • dinner parties with friends and wishing that we had more time for chats
  • yummy burgers and a great night for bbq'ing
  • fittings for the guys and laughs when it is all over
  • the gym and sweating it out
  • early mornings and late nights
  • making new lists and crossing things off old lists
  • sending out the last invitation and receiving the first response card
And because of that - I intend to enjoy this weekend . . . every minute of it . . . regardless of what it might hold. . .  and how many items I complete on my to do list . . . or how many items are added.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I finally got the courage to share something pretty special with Jimmy. I was nervous that he wouldn't like it and so wasn't quite ready to face that fact. Especially when he loves to mumble under his breath 'Germans, the germans are coming'. But it had been far too long. So I scoured the shelves yesterday to make sure I had the best there was to be had. I spent two hours this afternoon browning, mincing, chopping, stirring, simmering, hoping and praying.

Buroch and Bouteglaise . . . soooo delicious! Even Jimmy said so and I don't think he was lying as he didn't shy away from seconds.

I just wish that Gramps was here to make these with me. I would have loved for Jimmy to have met my Grandpa . . . I think that Gramps would have liked him . . . I also think that Gramps would have kicked his butt in crib!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Night

My stomach is tingling from the excitement of a special night just for us.
We share appies - our favorite way to do dinner on Friday night
Then it is time to dash off to the rink
The walk in you can feel the energy that only game night can bring
We find our seats and settle in
The score goes their way then our way
Then their way again
Finally I get to see the Iggy dance
It is in our favor once again
I snuggle in closer to the man I am going to marry
Despite being in a rink full of people, I have no doubt that I have found the one
With minutes left the score is tied again
The excitement is too much; my stomach is in my throat
The whole rink seems to collectively hold their breath
We are seconds away from a shoot out
Oh no . . . they are on a break away
Shoot . . . it was not to be tonight
He tucks my hand in his arm as we start the trek back to the van
The air is now filled with disappointment
But I'm not disappointed
I had a lovely date
With the one I love
My Iggy dance is going crazy
Yes it is

Winter Games

So before I actually talk abou the winter games, I do need to tell you that I received some pretty exciting news today but I can't share it with you . . .yet. . . just know that it is pretty darn exciting.

Anyways, back to my original topic.

The Opening is on for the Canada winter games. It is being held in Halifax this year. And as a fitting foreshadowing to our little event coming up on April 23, the last two teams to come in were Saskatchewan followed by Nova Scotia. (Really the signs are everywhere . . .)

I am not sure what it is about events like this but as Saskatchewan walked through, I could feel goose bumps forming. The commentators noted that Saskatchewan is quite the province - like none other. I love that. I am soooo proud to be from Sask.

My goose bumps only increased when everyone increased the energy level just that much more for their home team. Our friend, the premier, was their cheering along with the Prime Minister and other such notable individuals. Tears formed as the athletes beamed from ear to ear.

As proud as I am to be from Saskatchewan, I am just as proud to be marrying a Nova Scotian. We may be quite the province, but Nova Scotia is quick to love us for who we are.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Sarah and Kari came over last night to help with the invitations. It was a delight to have their company.

Aren't you all so excited to see yours arrive in the mail?