Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Roads

Why do winter roads have to be sketchy especially when I have somewhere to be??? Honestly, do they not realize that I have a life that doesn't include icy patches and multiple car pile ups?

Argh :(

No wedding for me today - it was down in High River. I should be leaving now. Jimmy is glad I am not as he says the roads are slick!

Sure hope the roads clear for Sask . . .

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What fun it is to go to a hockey game when you have a few goals to cheer for

When the Enmax flames lights up more than once

And when the bad guys can't find there way to the net.

What fun it is to go to a hockey game when Iggy scores a sweet one

When Kipper stands on his head to stop the shots

And when Kotalik gets his first of the season.

What fun it is to go to a hockey game when friends see us on TV

When it is the first NHL game for Jimmy's parents 

And when you get to watch the fun highlights all over again

What fun it is to go to a hockey game!!!
What fun!!!

p.s. and to the boys sitting behind us who yipped the whole game
there was an amazing game on the ice that you missed
and I hate to tell you but you really don't know everything

Monday, December 20, 2010

Royal Obsession

Aunty Robin noted today that our wedding date is barely a week before the Royal Wedding date. She was teasing me that maybe we should have our wedding live for public viewing as well. It made me chuckle and for a few minutes day dream about what it would be like to be that royal couple with all the glorious wedding details, not worrying about the budget and having a million people at my beck and call to make my every wish come true.

Then as I was icing my last batch of cookies (which turned out the best of all of them yet), Entertainment Tonight (what else is a girl to watch whilst in the middle of domestic bliss) talked about the latest in the Royal Gossip.

Sure, it would be nice to have the perfect wedding but at what cost? All of Jimmy's and my dirty laundry aired out for all the world to twist and turn into untruths? Would I want every one's eyes upon me guessing if I was pregnant or just gaining weight due to stress? Or perhaps I would look like I had bulimia or anorexia to get that perfect body for the wedding? In the season when I am supposed to be head over heels infatuated with the love of my life, would I want to hash and rehash out our previous fights just because everyone feels like they have a right to know?

So I will stick to my non royal budget. I will bask in the worlds shadows knowing that I am in Jimmy's spotlight. EBay will be my best friend for all the little important accessories. My diamonds don't need to be 32 carats. I will work my butt off at the gym after indulging in Christmas treats knowing that the only one who cares is me. I will blissfully forget about our previous fights, knowing that we learned our lessons and have moved onto a stronger and healthier relationship because of it. Tonight, I will thank God for all the humble living He has blessed me with. And I can tell you one thing, future princess or not, our love is just as real, just as painful, just as exhilarating, just as precious as any in this world.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding Preparations

In the midst of Christmas craziness, I am trying to keep up on all the wedding plans. Thank goodness for online shopping.

I have a little confession to make - I think I am slowly becoming addicted to online shopping. Okay okay . . . maybe it isn't so slow after all. But first there is the thrill of bidding, then the delightful exhilaration that comes from winning and finally It's like any random day is my birthday with the staggered deliveries.

But seriously, from the comfort of my home, I have purchased a beautiful pair of yellow shoes, the most adorable little brooches for the bouquets, a beautiful little something blue for my bouquet and my veil.

Next up, ordering the invitations!

Siamese Chickens Part II

So I finished up the last post and proceeded to whip up a second batch and then the third batch.

You are not going to believe this - but it happened again. These little baby eggs were joined at the liver I think. Crazy! Better buy a lotto ticket or something cause I must be on a lucky streak. Too bad I wasn't on that lucky streak last night when I bought the 50/50 at the Flames game. With a cool $30K I could have ordered all my Christmas baking. And been writing this post at the spa. In Paris.

Okay - back to reality and onto the shortbread. They don't have eggs in them so I think I am safe.

Next up - some crazy sandwichy icing cookies that I am trying for the first time (the other recipe in this little book is a delight though so I don't think they will disappoint) and snickerdoodles. Jimmy ordered snickerdoodles cause they are fun to say. Hee hee - snickerdoodles!

And a quick trip to the mall to exchange a shirt.

Busy day.

Siamese Chickens

I witnessed something today that I may never see again in my life. I am busy finishing up my Christmas baking and cracked an egg for the first of three batches of my chocolate chip cookies (they are on popular request this year). And there, plain as day in my little glass dish, was an egg with two yokes attached - I have never seen such a thing and believe you me have done a lot of egg cracking my in 20 plus something (we don't need to talk about the details on the 'something') years of life.

Siamese chickens - who would have thought that was possible!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I met the seamstress today. She is the one who will work the lovely armani wool into a dapper vest for the handsome men on the wedding day. I cannot wait!!!

On the way, I needed to pick up the rest of the fabric. This found me at Fabricland and I am not going to lie - I get enamored with all that fabric. And the possibilities of what one can do with all of it. So I stopped in again on my way home. Bought some fabric to recover the chairs with. And a little nova scotia tartan to do something with at the wedding. Any ideas anyone???

Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Who Doesn't Carry Cash?'

So apparently I am the epitomy of the thorn in a tax driver's side.

You see, the work offices aren't always in the most convenient locations even though they are all downtown. As of late, my schedule seems to consist of an average of 7.79 hours of meetings a day and sometimes that is over the course of a 60 block radius. The Ctrain is great when i am only a block or two off of 7th Ave but once I get to be 5 or 6 blocks off, it takes me almost 25 minutes to get from my office to the clients. So the best option is to walk down and catch a cab. I am at my destination in 7 minutes!

Despite the fact that hands down, this is my best option, to the drivers, I seem to be hands down their worst fare. Over the past few months I have been yelled at on more than one occasion. One day, the driver was irate that I wasn't needing to go to the airport. Another time, a different driver couldn't believe that I was only offering him $10 (the fare was $5.60). And on more than one occasion, the fact that I would like to put this on a credit card seems to put them over the top.

Well, this week was no exception. I had a meeting onsite down by EauClaire and had 13 minutes to get there. I trot on down to the Sandman, politely ask the gentleman for a ride to 2nd Ave and 3rd St. He graciously complies and we are on our way. As we near my destination, another lady tries to hail the cab. The taxi driver (on my dime) pulls over, rolls down his window and lets her know he will be right back for her. Once I get to my stop, I hand him my card and say 'a receipt for $9 please.'

His reaction was the best yet. He proceeds to alternate between yelling and me and mumbling under his breath. I catch snippets of comments about how stupid I am, annoying, a dumb lady all while he is gruffly trying to take an impression of my card. I finally was able to sign off on the transaction and am stepping out of the car when he throws his pen down on the passenger side floor and yells 'WHO DOESN'T CARRY CASH?'.

You would think that would be enough for one day but I still needed to get back to the office at the end of the day for another meeting.

This gentleman was the most polite of gentlemen, but the cab was disgustingly dirty. I got in on one side only to find the seat cold and wet (apparently he had just picked up his kids from soccer?). Once I move over to the other side in my grey wool pants that are now soaked, I notice that his head rest is filled with hair clippings. The seats were dingy and crusty. The door handles had junk on them. My over active gag reflex kicks in and for the rest of the ride, I can be seen looking out the window intently thinking 'watermelon watermelon'.

I think instead of a raise this year at the office, I am going to ask for a segway. That way I never need to worry about a cab downtown again!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I had a delightful little phone chat with Julie yesterday. We talked about the shoes I ordered for the wedding, custom tats, Christmas plans and other such goings ons. We had also discussed Julie and Lonnie's plans for the evening - Chinese and movies.

Well, Jimmy and I couldn't find a movie we wanted to watch but we did agree on Chinese food! Yummy!!!

And my fortune? Well it did say 'you will be a great success - both in business and socially'. If I believe it does it make it so??? ;-)

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday!!

And even though I have a tonne of work to do this weekend
It sure is nice to not think about that right now
And instead just enjoy the weekend

Thursday, December 09, 2010

the perfect weekend

it starts by picking up a dear friend at the airport
you then chat the night away before finally dragging yourself to bed
the alarm awakens you early but you don't mind
you hop out of bed, whip up smoothies and a coffee and head out to the spectacular mountains
next up is your workout which passes in the blink of an eye as you chat the whole time
you then head back to the locker room, shower, put on your swim suit and robe
muffins, water and a delightful massage
next order lunch in and dine lounging next to a fire with a blanket chatting the hour away
then you head out to the outdoor hottub and gaze out over the beautiful snow capped mountains
finish the afternoon with a pedicure and manicure
drive back into the city making sure you talk non-stop
have another fabulous friend over for the evening
sleep in just a little
have a yummy breakfast
head to the mall to meet the girls and try on potential bridesmaid dresses
a little lunch with more chatter and laughter
then try on the most beautiful dress a girl can dream of buying
head home to a yummy dinner and an evening filled with lots of catching up, online shopping for the perfect shoes and lots of giggles
all too soon you find yourself driving back to the airport and saying good bye
only to head over to a fun little birthday party for one of the newest additions to your friends

you have no idea how much I would like to rewind and start it all over again - not changing a thing - but just enjoying everything to its fullest one more time

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I tried my dress on for a couple of my girls yesterday.
They gushed.
Not too much that it seemed fake.
Not too little that it seemed hesitant.
Just enough to know they think I am beautiful and loved.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Oh and by the by . . . Julie arrives today . . . I am soooo excited!!!

Spa day tomorrow!

Shopping on Saturday!

Good byes on Sunday! Okay not thinking to goodbyes yet! Just hello's in 2 hours!

Miss Manners

I am quite confident that if you look in the Miss Manners book clipping your fingernails on the floor of an office meeting room is not appropriate.

Quite Confident.