Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So i wanted a little snack and since summer is here and bathing suit season can not be denied - i went for carrots. Safe, healthy and especially good for the old eyeballs.

But apparently I am a geek and the only one who could possibly swallow a carrot in such a way that it feels like it is stuck.

The following morning my voice is so husky and the throat is swollen and sore.

Seriously?? Who knew carrots could do so much damage.

The following day after the day after, the pain is gone but I sound like I am about to lose my voice!

Tell me how you explain that one to clients . . . .

Monday, June 21, 2010

A delightful day for a walk

One of those rare days in June that it wasn't raining or snowing, I took a little walk around the neighborhood and here are a few things I found:

A house that I would love to call home

A tree all in bloom

A bench begging to be sat on

A fence post leading to an adventure

My two favorite flavors of cotton candy - yummy

So many hats - I don't know which one to choose

A spiderman cape - now if only I could make the world a better place

A pet in the making

The kind of music that makes your feet want to dance

First weekend of summer

crave cupcakes
good friends
sleeping in
dates with a cute boy

why did monday have to come so soon

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

gourmet hot dogs

So I had my first fancy schmancy hot dog the other day. The kind you load up with something other than ketchup and mustard. Honestly - not a drop of ketchup on the hot dog . . . . and it was delightful. More delightful than I imagined it would be. It could have had something to do with the delightful company. Or the fact that I was starving. Maybe the mountain air helps. Regardless, I would recommend it. Ranks up there with hot dogs at a ball game on a hot sunny day! Yum!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i was on site at Gibsons on Wednesday

the whole day was overcast with showers

at the end of the day, Jimmy was so kindly going to pick me up

we arranged for a time

i waited in the building lobby for him

right around the time we were supposed to meet, i saw a grey caravan pull up across the street and park

rather than waiting for Jimmy to text me, i headed out into the rain to meet him

i was pretty excited that the day was over

and we were going to have a little date

i headed out the door saying good night to various Gibson employees who were starting their trek home as well

i quickly dashed across the street in the rain

as i approached the van i noticed that their was new 'pin striping' along the side

it wasn't jimmy after all but rather a shuttle vehicle for a dealership

i was too embarassed to go back in and explain to those I knew why i was all wet

so i waited outside

in the rain

for a few minutes

under a tree

traffic was so congested that jimmy was a tad delayed

the tree didn't shelter me much

that darn pride - gets me every time

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

dance recitals
laughs with good friends
chubby cheek smiles
coffee and a muffin that is well deserved
rain drops
sleeping in
runners in costumes
finding a cure
dinner with dear ones
coffee on the patio
hot dogs
ball games

yeah, even though i had to work a bunch, it still was a pretty fabulous weekend

the Underwear Affair

This has become as much a tradition in Calgary as Stampede - every year individuals pledge to run 10k or walk a 5 in support of cancers below the belt. And to have a little fun doing it, the costumes become as important as the race.

This year, Clairise and Martina signed up. Jimmy and I went out to cheer them on and have some laughs!

I even spotted a Rider fan in the group

The girls did amazing. It was Clairise' first 10k and the 2 of them finished in just over an hour. Jimmy and I are so proud of them.