Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Day


Just wanted to further express why I am just not myself some days . . . take today for example.

First, my alarm has been going off since 5am and I did not hear it until 7am (sign that I am a little tired and need a nice lazy sleep in day!). Upon realizing the time I now realize that again I am not going to get in my morning work out and again going to have to do it when I get home. I also am very grateful that my support shift does not start until 8:30 as I would not be able to make the 7:30 time frame. After deciding what to wear and cheering up over the fact that I can wear the new pants I just bought, I jump into the shower and quickly wash up.

So hear I am standing in front of the fridge, packing a lunch as I am determined to not waste my hard earned money eating out cause I am lazy, feeling like I have recovered well and am still looking cute despite the fact that it has become a glasses day when suddenly it takes a new twist. I bend down to get something off the bottom shelf and feel a slight breeze. Sheisa I say as I realize that my new pants must have a hole in them. Sure enough in the crotch the seam was pulled out. Now I have to rework my wardrobe. Although thank goodness I discovered it then and not later . . .

Now this has put me at 8 o'clock meaning I can no longer take the bus to arrive for work at 8:30 but if I drive I should make it downtown for 8:15'ish. So grumbling I drive downtown realizing that I have spend $100 on parking in the month of August because of stupidity just like this. I get to the parkade and of course all the usual spots are taken. I finally find one, head to the door to take me down to the +15 (ask Tanis all about her new found knowledge on the plus 15!!) when the gentleman in front of me informs me that the door is locked. Well across the parking lot I go getting into a new stairwell that I don't usually take into a new plus 15 which I also do not recognize. After wandering around and losing site of where I want to be, I find an exit to the ground. But I am nowhere near my office - I am four blocks away.

So, off I trudge in my heels (didn't have to wear sensible shoes for a rainy day once the car decision was made) without my umbrella through the spitting rain (again who needs an umbrella when you are driving) to the office as I was not about to brave the plus 15 a second time. Finally, I arrive at 8:40 - late for a meeting but I am hear none the less. Looking very much so like a drowned rat, complete with spotty glasses, discolored shoes and an outfit that wasn't nearly as cute as the first draft of the morning.

All in all though - other than being called the B word by my boss (it was in joking but i was still a bit surprised), starving at lunch cause I forgot half my lunch at home, and now sitting here at 3:45 wanting a nap - the day has certainly improved.