Friday, February 15, 2013

A day of love

To some a day of love is roses or chocolates. To others it is heart shaped pizzas. And to others it includes a romantic dinner that is a touch more lavish  than the usual celebrations.

To my husband, it is simple acts with lots of delightfully mushy words. And you know . . . there may be wives who wouldn't appreciate that. But for me, when I opened the fridge door to get some milk, and saw how it sparkled from top to bottom - well - the truth is that flowers, chocolates, dinners and diamonds could not have made me smile bigger. Cookies, heart shaped menu items, surprise vacations or a new purse could not have induced a bigger happy dance.

That to me is this day of love. Five years ago i would have thought this girl is crazy. But not now.

Thanks to my love for the back breaking effort it took to give me such a fantastic gift!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Alas January was a crazy month and last weekend proved that February is gonna be busy to. But this weekend - this Friday, Saturday and Sunday - i will get a reprieve. A weekend where I can sleep in. A weekend where I can make a nice dinner for us. A weekend where i can do laundry, organize our papers, clean a room or two. A weekend to catch up with the girls, call my family and watch a show.

Here's to hoping the weekend is as long as I am wishing it to be today.