Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My first grown up piece of art

I absolutely love it . . . and am so excited to call it my own. I think that Rebekah Joy Plett is an awesome artist and I love the expressions that she captures on her faces. She just did a little art sale on ebay and I happen to be the lucky winner. This painting is my favorite that I have seen of hers.

Don't you just love the little octopus, pearls and pink flowers in her hair??

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It was another beautiful day in Antigonish. After a perfect day of fish and chips, sun, beaches and good friends, Jimmy suggested that we head over to Arisaig to the waterfalls and watch the sun setting over the ocean. We packed up a beach bag and were off.

The evening was perfect. We walked through a canopy of trees stopping at the ocean lookouts along the way. I was a bit worried that we weren't going to find the waterfalls but Jimmy's quiet confidence soon had me enjoying the night.

As we neared the falls we could hear their quiet strength. The evening seemed to fill with the resounding vibration of the water crashing down below and the waves crashing to shore. We stopped to enjoy the view, breathed deeply to take in the salt water. This is why I love summer.

We rounded the corner to the falls. The water is dancing in the sunlight. Jimmy gives my hand a little squeeze. I love moments like these. Everything feels so right. So perfect.

The sun was starting to color the sky. Jimmy came over to where I was standing. He told me how much he loves me. My heart smiles. I never knew that my heart could be this full. He whispers words of endearment and begins to fumble in his pocket. Could this be? The moment that everyone dreams of before they even understand what love is all about?

As Jimmy gets down on one knee my heart is beating louder than the crashing waves. I begin to do a little dance and I vaguely remember motioning him to hurry with the question. The rest is a bit of a blur . . . I remember hearing 'Juliane Lynn Berkan', I remember my heart hurting as it stretches to encompass my growing love, I think I might have squealed and there was a beautiful ring in a box.

And I am quite sure that somewhere in there, I said yes!

I love you Jimmy with all my heart!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

long flights
wheel pizza
great friends
swinging the clubs
potato patch fires
the camp
playing in the ocean
steak dinner
green gables
new friends
family dinner
red beaches
live play
donnair pizza
cheese factory springs
the cape

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It was the best weekend yet. We had played the whole time, talked well into the night and giggled so much our stomachs hurt. The bags were all packed waiting by the door with everyone's pillows on top but we weren't ready to part.

All too soon Uncle Dale's voice called up the stairs saying that it was time to start the trip. Maybe if we didn't answer, we can get a little more time together. A hush fell upon us as we wish they would forget that it was time to leave. Please. Alas Uncle Dale is calling again. We contemplate hiding. Would the weekend together never end if we found a secret hiding place? If we don't answer its beckoning will time stand still??

Many years later and I still feel that way. Can I hide in a secret spot so time has to stop and the summer has to continue? If I pretend to not hear when Jimmy says it is time to pack my suitcase can I steal a few more minutes?  Oh if only it were true . . . it was the best weekend yet . . . I am not ready to part.