Saturday, August 14, 2010

It was the best weekend yet. We had played the whole time, talked well into the night and giggled so much our stomachs hurt. The bags were all packed waiting by the door with everyone's pillows on top but we weren't ready to part.

All too soon Uncle Dale's voice called up the stairs saying that it was time to start the trip. Maybe if we didn't answer, we can get a little more time together. A hush fell upon us as we wish they would forget that it was time to leave. Please. Alas Uncle Dale is calling again. We contemplate hiding. Would the weekend together never end if we found a secret hiding place? If we don't answer its beckoning will time stand still??

Many years later and I still feel that way. Can I hide in a secret spot so time has to stop and the summer has to continue? If I pretend to not hear when Jimmy says it is time to pack my suitcase can I steal a few more minutes?  Oh if only it were true . . . it was the best weekend yet . . . I am not ready to part.

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