Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A tale of things to come

So . . . I am back - finally!! Hee hee

It has been such a fun month though that I can't possibly wish to trade a moment of it for anything else.

Sneak preview of some posts to come:

Nova Scotia in all it's beauty (i love spending time with family and friends)

A little PEI (and some raspberry cordial of course)

Dallas and all my drawling friends (they are quite a delight . . . it is true!)

Wedding plans (eep . . . no we don't quite have a date yet and I am not positive on the colors but I am thinking about bachelor buttons . . . )

Road trips to the Gorge for a little Dave Matthews and Ben Harper (sigh . . . I do enjoy them)

And last but not least . . .

A new house (for the grown up painting of course)


Sandra said...

Yay! How exciting..can't wait for all the posts!

Elaine Scott said...

It looks huge. When is the possession date?

Jules said...

Possession is Sept 28 - 3 weeks from yesterday!! EEP!!! It is all happening so fast . . . :)