Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goings on and happenings

Mercies - this fall totally flew by. Between planning a wedding (who knew that there were so many details to consider), moving into a house (it is still absolutely beautiful and I am quite excited to decorate it for Christmas) and trying to stay on top of things at work (which seems to be a losing battle these days) I haven't had much time for anything else.

The place did welcome it's first house guest. It was officially initiated when my whole family came (including the nephews). And has been proven to comfortably host a 13 adult dinner party.

We have a church, hall, wedding dress, photographer and on the path for invitations. Our wedding guests have a place to sleep and we have fabric for the guys vests. My hair will look delightful in Sask at least and we are slowly crossing things off the list for NS!

I flew down to Philly for a 3 day demo for work that went superbly! It was during my birthday which made for a fun trip but also kind of felt like the birthday fairy passed me by this year. Does that mean I am still 34??

And honestly that sums up all the goings on in my life.

Oh - and the Riders are officially headed to the Grey Cup again. Can't forget that excitement.

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Mom said...

Yes you have been busy. But the birthday fairy didn't pass you by but came a few days early.You had the 3 boys to help celebrate it this year!!! The boys had a great time at Aunty's place. They commented on their favorite part of the trip - consensus was ALL OF IT. You are a gracious hostess and we want to thank you for the great week Dad & I spent there.
Your house is beautiful and will look gorgeous with your Christmas decorating!!