Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fullerton Loop

Brenda and I headed out near Elbow falls for a little hike and what a delightful hike it was.

The fields were filled with wildflowers.

The sun was beaming down.

And the views made the climb seem like a distant memory.

We cooled our hot feet in the little elbow lake and grabbed a slurpee for the drive home. What a perfect day.!!

I knew it was going to happen at some point . . .

I have been waiting

Over the past 5 years worrying about it

Sometimes gazing into the sky watching

I also checked for any signs

Avoided obvious obstacles

But somewhere in the past week

I stopped waiting for it

I didn't worry

And most times I didn't even gaze into the sky

I wasn't taking heed of where I stopped

And just when I stopped expecting it . . . It happened!!!

Oh yes it happened

Argh . . . it happened

A bird was flying by

And just couldn't hold it anymore

Oh no he couldn't

Argh . . . nope he couldn't

All over the back seat of Zinny

Poor Zinny

I promise to be more diligent from now on

Argh . . . I knew it was going to happen

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jimmy's aunt and uncle were in town for the Stampede this year. I was quite excited about the fact that we got to visit the grounds with them. 

As we perused our options for food and entertainment, we found ourselves by the Aboriginal Village so stopped in to watch some dancing.

It wouldn't be stampede unless you visited the horses.

Jimmy making friends

Anxiously awaiting the chucks to start

Love those mini donuts - and for the record a bucket is more than enough for 5!

I was sooo excited for the Grandstand Show. I have also loved the song and dance, sparkly costumes and lots of lights.
I missed the phot op but at one point there weere 4 riders in this globe riding while other riders were jumping their bikes next to him. It was insane!

Towards the end of the show, the skies were promising to open up. On our "run" back to the car, I was trying to get at least of couple of "night light" shots.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

For those of you curious . . .

We are starting to get a lot more serious on the house search! Spent a lazy afternoon in our friend's backyard yesterday and the thought of haing a yard like that for ourselves quite excites me.

Not so excited about shovelling snow again or mowing the grass but super excited about a nice big kitchen that I can cook and bake in to my heart's content. A place that can host many a dinner party. A shower that doesn't go hot and cold based on the other 18 floors of neighbors and their morning routines. A big deck for bbqs and maybe even a lilttle firepit or fireplace tucked away somewhere. A spare bedroom that I can store my gifts and wrapping paper in. Walls that I can paint.

Certainly gonna miss walking to work (maybe we can still find a place close enough) and strolling down 17th. It will be hard to say goodbye to a starbucks one block over, a variety of restaurants within a 10 minute walk and my favorite Co-op. However, I am sure that where ever I move to will have its own charm! Afterall it will have me in the neighborhood - right????

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now it's time to vote . . .

Remember that cool artist cat I was telling you about?

Well now it's time to vote for Rebekah. Soooo all you have to do is go here and click on 'Rate This Artists'!!
Is it bad that I spend my days looking forward to the next weekend? It's not that I don't enjoy my job. In fact on most days the 8 hour day feels like about 3. However, in a country that is iced over for 90% of the year, I cannot wait for summer. And now that it is here I wish I could be lounging by a pool, swinging the clubs, going for a walk, floating down the river, eating an ice cream sunday, cruising through the mountains with the top down, having a picnic, roasting a hot dog, camping, hiking, biking, roller blading . . . oh all the summer fun!

Alas I will do my best to fit them all in. If only the office had a pool side cabana I could work in!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Graceful Exit

So I would like to blame all of this on my black and blue toe . . . I am quite confident that it is affecting my balance!

I had to go to a client's office on Thursday. I wasn't sure about the dress code as it is the day before Stampede and at Entero that means jeans. However, this isn't necessarily true for a client site. So to be on the safe side, I decided to wear a little dress with a 3/4 cardi. The dress is strapless which means I can catch a few rays during my lunch date but for an office, it most certainly requires a cardigan. Anyways that is a long diatribe to attempt to set the wardrobe so you can really appreciate the next part of the story.

We had just finished SEEDing the inventory (trust me - you don't want to know any more details on that) and I was getting up to go. My client, Lisa, was sitting at her desk watching the whole scene unfold.

The chairs were quite close to the desk but rather than side shimmying, I decided to turn to walk out normally. My left foot gets caught on the chair and I know instantly what is going to happen. The arms fly out frantically trying to right myself. I still can't get either foot free and the momentum is too much. My legs crumple, the glasses go flying and I find myself in a heap on the floor.

Due to the extra adrenalin of utter embarrassment, I quickly pop-up, pull the back of my dress down and pick up my sunglasses. Lisa and I are both dying laughing as Luke comes running around the corner to make sure I am okay.

Seriously - twice in one week??? And now I have a quarter size rug burn on the same bruised knee from Sunday.

I don't know how I manage to make it through life without breaking every bone in my body!

My Graceful Entrance

I was in charge of the food run last Sunday since no-one was really feeling like cooking. By the time I arrived at Jimmy's place, I was starving and soo excited for food. My hands were full - a drink tray with 4 drinks, a bag with the fries (mmmmm - I do think that McDonald french fries are the best fries in town) and a bag with the various burgers.

Halfway up the stairs I somehow managed to stub my toe and trip. The drink tray goes flying and the 4 drinks all pop out out. I try to catch myself with my hands that are each carrying a brown bag . . . the fries all mush together breaking my fall! One of the drinks tops comes off as pepsi gushes out all over myself, my purse and the stairs.

Jimmy comes flying around the corner upon hearing my ruckus to make sure I am okay! Except for the bruised knee and black and blue toe, all is good!

Monday, July 05, 2010

on a summer's night

bbqd hamburgers
patio lanterns
maple leaf candles
fireworks on the balcony
planning PEI
dinner out
evening strolls
a new book
whittling down the 'To Do's'
donair pizza
summer kiss

and now the countdown is on till summer vacation

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Help a sister out

In case you didn't notice the link in my blog reads on the side, please check this out.

Rebekah is an artist that has illustrated the BlueBeary books that my dear friend Colleen is the publisher on. I have never met Rebekah but by reading her blog and following her work I have come to quite delight in her works, her energy and her inspiring demeanor. She is entering a little contest for a showing of her work in NYC and is asking for some help picking her submission. And the best part of it - you might just be the lucky winner of a free print of your favorite painting.

Click here and follow her links to her portfolio.

Good luck!!

In case you are wondering, one of my favorites has always been Love is Compassionate!

Tis the season

For us ladies to scrutinize ourselves a little closer in the mirror. To be extra aware of every blemish and curve. To try and find the perfect swimsuit that works it's own little magic on us.

Every year we go through this process. And if I could share that as I read my Women's Health magazine, I berate myself for not taking better care of my body over the winter. I always vow to stay in better shape over the sweater season. As girlfriends, our conversations touch on the dreaded swim suite shopping! I really don't think about how these ladies look outside of the digital editing world.

Today, I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and came across this link for swimsuit photo shoot editing and was amazed at the touch ups they do.

So this is my message to all of you:

Ladies - love your bodies. The models we aspire to look like are not real depictions. And gentlemen, be gracious to your ladies. Let them know you love them for all their curves and blemishes!

Happy summer everyone!