Sunday, September 19, 2010

Julianno the Tyrannosaurus Rex

I met my dear friend Colleen at the Calgary Farmer's Market on Saturday. (as a total aside - I absolutely love the market everytime i go and always wonder why I don't go more often). She was going to be busking and so we took the opportunity to have coffee first.

I absolutely love spending time with Colleen. and watching her at work is a delight as well.  There was this little guy around the 4 mark I would guess that only roared as he was a tyrannosaurus rex, silly. So Colleen made up a song on the spot for Julianno the t-rex. The next thing I know, his hands take on the look of ancient creatures of past, he starts to circle Colleen stomping to the beat of 'his song'. It was absolutely adorable.

Colleen you are a delight in my life and judging from the faces on the people you met today - you are a delight to everyone who has a chance to see even a small glimpse of your soul!

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