Saturday, November 26, 2011

I used to laugh at mom and her tears. Tears at commercials. Tears during a tv show or movie. Tears of sadness and tears of joy.

I now find myself with those same tears. This past week has been an emotional tv/movie week. First Ryan died and Amelia had to face her pain head on. Then Sarah is feeling torn between believing in her ex-husband again for enjoying her new love. Jimmy laughs at me as I finish every Parenthood crying and proclaiming 'that was a sad one.'

The tears start to form as I read sad blogs of husbands who have passed away and wives and mothers doing there best to find life, sad news of friend's families wishing I could do something to take the pain away.

And now I sit here, watching that darn movie - p.s. I love you. Jimmy is off playing hockey so I have the candles burning, a warm cup of tea and the laptop ready for wedding photos. I can feel my throat tightening up. The tears welling in the back of my eyes.

Life, well specificaly work, has been a tad stressful so not sure if this is my body's way of cleansing the emotions or if as I get older, I find my self with the same tears as my mom.

Either way, I better hide upstairs before Jimmy comes home with the boys. To find me on the couch. Kleenexes littering the floor around me. My eyes blood shot and swelled. My nose red. My voice hoarse. Nobody wants to see that site - :)

Not sure if Jimmy was quite prepared for all of this!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding Day Silliness

We got a little package in the mail a couple of days ago. Knowing that it was our wedding photo booth photos, we saved it until tonight.

What fun it was to see the DVD and look through the photos. It made the wedding day feel like it was just yesterday.

Hope you all enjoy it as well:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We had such a delightful visit with Trev, Kim and the boys. They arrived Sunday night and we packed our days full with snuggles, playing outside, baking cookies, magic shows, making dinners, eating Lucky Charms, the Science center, hocky games, the lego store, bowling dates, the mountains, chocolate fondu, movie night, KFC and making butter balls.

The week came to an end far too quicly, as it always does. But here are a couple of pics to enjoy.


Today marks the last day of my birth week. It was actually a bit longer than a week this year. This years birth week contained lots of work but it also contained some fun!

Trev, Kim and the boys came out last week for a delightful week long visit bearing gifts from themselves and from mom and dad.

Steve and Susan invited us over for dinner and surprised me with delicious birthday cupcakes!

Jimmy took me out to a delicious dinner at AKA Winebar:

We shared a bunch of appetizers - my favorite way to do dinner.

And ended with a fantastic birthday present - a lovely weekend spent out in the mountains at the perfect little get away spot: