Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ways I Prefer Not to be Tortured!

I would like to add to my list of methods with which I don't want to be tortured. Number 1 is having my nails pulled out slowly. Number 2 is now anything to do with making me itchy.

I have been abnormally itchy for a week now. And not just in one spot. Oh no. That would be easy to manage!! ALL OVER!! My shins and calves. My thighs. Behind my knees. My lower arm. My upper arm. MY BELLY BUTTON!!! Really... Who gets an itchy belly button - this girl. Yes she does. So itchy that it has kept me up at night.

Of course I did what any 30 something independent girl would do. I googled. I searched. I queried. Oh and I googled. I googled causes. I googled symptoms. I googled side effects and remedies.

Dying to hear the results? Well, apparently with the lack of any other symptoms I am healthy. It's just dry skin! (Hard to believe that considering I am lathering lotion over my entire body every hour. )

So I attempt every remedy - witch hazel with aloe, baking soda bath, cold showers, skipping a day between showers, allergy pill (which I later learned is also on the list of what not to do - that and scratching!) and gold bond lotion (I thought that was for the elderly with hemorrhoids before this incident). Oh yes I try it all. The only two left are an oatmeal bath and slathering myself with heavy cream. Breakfast in the tub? Why not?!?!

And if this doesn't work - I don't know what else to try. Who knew a little itch could be so torturous!

Number 3 is freezing me to death while showing me photos of tropical islands and feeding me liver!

To date these are my top 3. Although I haven't tried liver in a really long time. But I still dislike being cold.

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