Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Wardrobe Mistake

So I had packed a cute little outfit to wear today. As I was packing  - I was a bit nervous thinking that it may not fully go so I laid it all out - sheath dress, tights, 3/4 blazer and beautiful mary jane stilettos. Looked great!! But always one to be prepared (GG motto in case you are wondering) I brought some back up nylons just in case.

This morning dawned far too bright and early. I did my best to spring out of bed and shower. I ironed my dress. Blew dry my hair. I meticulously did my makeup. Then I looked and looked at the tight and dress combination deciding that looked perfect. Especially once I strapped on the 3" heels (don't know why I think I should wear these to the office other than they are adorable), put on these gold and peachy drop earrings with a plethora of gold, cream and peach bangles and headed out the door.

I strutted my stuff through the lobby. I ran into a colleague and he didn't give my outfit a funny look. Yes! It was cute. Besides - that is part of the issue with travelling for work - if you don't like what you brought for the day - oh well - wear it anyways cause your only other option is repeating what you wore yesterday or are going to wear tomorrow!

So wear it I did. Then I walked out into the natural sunlight. OH MY - what was I thinking . . . by this point I was not about to hold everybody up and kept thinking - but it looked so cute in the hotel room - maybe it is just my sunglasses.

Nope - it was not. However it was too late now!

I finally confessed my fashion disaster to Brenda. She assured me it worked in her head. But what should have been these beautiful coppery brown tights turned olive green (in the sunlight they were definitely an army olive green - eewww) with a patterned silk dress featuring creams, browns, navy blue and the most beautiful shade of cobalt with a beautiful peach butter cream mary jane stilettos with black trim. I think she was just being kind.

Oh well - if you act like you own it - everyone is certain you planned it that way. Besides in Canada we have a different color wheel - right??

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