Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday's are my new favorite

It is Thursday night and Thursdays have become my new favorite day so that makes me one happy happy girl.

Why, you wonder, are Thursday's my new fave?

Because Friday's I go home and so all Thursday I find myself anticipating home! And this particular Thursday, I also happened to book our trip to Florida. Confirm our trip to Dallas. And talk about our trip to Europe.

I also started to look for things to cook on Sunday. Reviewed our weekend schedule with a dinner out with Robert, C, Blain and Arden on Friday. Our Anniversary dinner plans on Saturday.

I daydreamed about the next weekend I get to see my family - a lovely weekend in Saskatchewan. We chatted about how to get home to Jimmy's family in Nova Scotia this summer using our vacation days as wisely as possible. I made a list of those of you whose dinner invitations are long overdue. I looked into options for our backyard. AND I basked in the anticipation of getting to see Jimmy tomorrow.

With Thursday's like that, how can it not be my new favorite day?!

So good night all - time to put this tired little head to bed for an early wake up!

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