Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Somehow I always seem to attract the most curious of people and my flight up yesterday was no exception.

This time: a conservation and wildlife officer who is passionate about bats.

Yes - you read correctly - passionate about bats!

And apparently bats are the species in the most danger of extinction within North America (guess the Austin bats with the overwhelming scent is not enough to keep the species thriving).

He offered his services to assess any of my future development efforts (including tree houses) to ensure that I am not impacting a natural bat habitat area.

So . . . if you or anyone you know are wanting to build near trees, I now have a guy! That's right - I have a guy to save our bats.

Hahaha Shan - I guess Jimmy isn't the only one who has a guy for most anything!

p.s. I say it in jest because it really was an amusing surreal conversation; he even waited for me outside the ladies washroom to finish the conversation (pretending to emerge miraculously at the same time as me even though I dilly dallied extra extra long). However, I do feel sad that we are losing our bats. But, with passionate people like him looking out for them, - I am confident that they will survive. Besides - one only needs to venture to Nova Scotia to watch them flit about a plenty. I am sure that Nova Scotia along can save the bat population.

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