Monday, April 22, 2013

Muchas Gracias Mondays

I want to try a new series on this little ole blog. And I am going to call it Muchas Gracias Mondays as, well, I am taking Spanish and so should start to toss the odd phrase into my vocabulary AND the whole point of the post is to express gratitude!

You see, Jimmy called me out on something this weekend, something that I was ashamed to see in myself. Without going into the details - suffice it to say that I often judge overall success of "X" based on  an idealism that is often not met. As such, I don't stop to appreciate so much along the way. Perhaps if I purposefully take time to recognize all that there is to be grateful for, I can break this habit that I have myself in.

So here we are - enjoying Muchas Gracias Monday's.

This week marks our second wedding anniversary. Tomorrow in fact. As I was driving into the hotel in Pittsburgh tonight I was reminiscing over that day. Introducing my new family to Saskatchewan. The hotel floor that was fully booked by our guests who are still talking about the "wedding of the summer". Visiting with my girls and my brother the night before. Cruising around Regina in the wedding bus. Just being in the moment as we were surrounded by our dearest family and friends - regardless of whether they were there in spirit or person.

Ergo, this Monday I want to start the week filled with love and appreciation for my partner and  best friend. We have had a couple of crazy years in regards to my career and Jimmy has been so incredibly supportive. He always has my back regardless and isn't scared to call me out when I need to adjust on things.

I honestly could not imagine building this life we lead with anyone else by my side. A day doesn't go by that we don't laugh together. An evening doesn't come to a close without letting each other know we are thinking of the other. A morning doesn't dawn without reminding me how grateful I am that God brought him into my life.

And I know - I know - I know - we are only two years in - and it isn't always easy. There are many days ahead and we don't know when those days are going to be filled with challenges that we don't think we are going to be able to handle.

I know we are still young in this journey. I know that others who have gone this way before have been brought to their breaking point.

In those challenging moments, I hope I still have this blog. I hope I can find all those posts on marriage and be reminded of how delightful this time has been. I trust that as we work together, our relationship will continue to deepen. That we will use those iron sharpening iron moments to grow sharper in our relationship together!

So this week, regardless of what else is thrown at me, regardless of how tired I am or how the Monday to Friday schedule is taxing me, I am thankful for my marriage! My husband who is busy keeping a house for us. My best friend who checks in throughout the day to ensure I know he's there. My protector and guardian who lectures me on taking care of myself and getting enough sleep.

Now the challenge is yours. What are you thankful for this week? Take a moment to reflect and enjoy a Muchas Gracias Monday!

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