Sunday, April 21, 2013

There is Beauty in Every Day

Friday was the close to another week in Pittsburgh. I am not gonna lie - travelling Monday to Friday crossing over two time zones is a little more challenging. And Friday dawned with a few bumps in the road.

No worries Mom and Dad - I triple checked my headlights - I was good this time. The drive in was uneventful and I didn't get one hug from a strange man Jimmy so all was rather normal.

As I was heading into the airport, I tried to get my boarding pass online and found that it was asking me to check in again. Upon closer inspection - my flight time now displayed 1pm rather than the expected 7am.

Hmmmm - perhaps the American Airlines computer glitch is still rearing its ugly head.

Up to the American counter I went - seeing a line up that would take at least an hour if not two to get through. Please tell me that there is a Priority Customer line . . . Oh I am in luck . . . there is . . . and not a soul in that queue!

I was the next to be serviced (oh I feel bad for those people in that long line - up and how glad I am that I no longer fall into that category) and quickly discovered it wasn't a new glitch. It may have still been a lingering issue as a result of grounding all their flights on Wednesday as they had planes stranded without crews and crews stranded without planes and cities with neither planes nor crews. Regardless - they had a plane but no crew and so had no choice but to cancel the flight.

The agent was fantastic. Once I mentioned tickets in Calgary that night for an event she started clicking away and quickly found me a flight that was leaving right away through Phoenix on US Airways. Since I only had carry-on luggage and was in a line that bypassed the humble non-status travellers, I was going to make the flight. YAY!!!!

It added an hour to my commute but I certainly was not going to complain:  it still got me to Calgary mid afternoon.

I was sitting in my seat, so thankful that everything had worked out. And as I gazed out the window, we flew over a beautiful mountain range. Wow!

We really do live in a stunning world!!
So thankful for the reminder to take a moment and look around - life is often not as bleak as it feels in the moment!

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