Monday, April 29, 2013

Muchas Gracias

Here it is, another Monday, and this is a bit of an exciting Monday for me in the fact that I currently do not have another work trip booked. Life can change on a dime - and so I am prepared that tomorrow, this might be a different story but as of right now - this is my only week that I am travelling to Pittsburgh over the next few weeks.

And so for this week, I am choosing to celebrate the travelling opportunities that have been given to me.

I haven't done much exploring around Pittsburgh and area yet and so I thought that rather than rush back to the hotel every night to work, I needed to take one night to drive into the city and a second night to wander around the Canonsburg area. I am going to try really hard to fit my camera into my bag and  see what I can see.

Although travel does get me down and does wear on even the best of travelling girls, it also is an opportunity that Jimmy and I purposefully wanted to try out. We wanted to do our best to take every advantage of those opportunities that this job was affording us.

We have certainly checked out a lot of the Fort Worth and area. We went to Rangers ball games, we checked out the stockyards. We indulged in chicken fried steak and many a Mexican meal. We visited our friends in Highland Village and we wandered around downtown. We were so blessed to have my mom and dad come to visit. And we toured some more. We checked out the Cowboys stadium and ran around on the field. We went to South Fork Ranch and watched Mom and Dad relive their Dallas days from years past. We toured the country side and saw more cactus than one could imagine. We enjoyed the Christmas lights of Grapevine and the Gaylord hotel.And then my girlfriend, Brenda came for a visit and we checked out some more new things. We went shopping and we saw the water gardens. We took advantage of the local jazz and sunned ourselves to some local country.

Through this past year of work travelling, Jimmy and I ventured to New Orleans for the weekend and dabbled in much of its culture. We headed to Park City Utah with our good friends Robert and C.Ann and spent our imaginary money 20 times over. We hot tubbed. We walked. We dined on delicious food and we tried foods we may never try again (not such a fan of Alligator).

Yes - this travel has been tiring at times. But on so many other occasions it truly has been so much fun!

And since I have yet to do Pittsburgh up right - now is my chance. Looking forward to seeing all that I can see!

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