Friday, April 12, 2013

The last half hour is a bit of a blur. After another restless sleep my alarm jars me awake at 4:15 am. I try to roll over and pretend I can snooze a little bit longer! Then it hits me - its Friday. My fly day. This alarm is getting me up for my flight!

I sleepily wander around the room getting ready. Shower - accomplished. All my toiletries packed in their appropriate bags. Wrapping up power chords and storing my laptop in the bag. "Don't forget to put on the jewelry you laid out - especially as it includes your wedding rings" I mutter to myself.

Soon I'm ready and in the car. Lights check. Windshield wipers for the spring showers check. Off I head to the airport.

The drive was fairly nondescript. The is pool of water on lower parts of the highway where I could feel the car pull. The worst of it appeared to be the erratic drivers.

Perhaps they were feeling it this day too. One more day to get me to a break. I can do this. Or perhaps they are heading on a trip somewhere fun. Saint Martin? Venice? Dubrovnik?

I am so grateful to get to the car rental return. I pull in. Fill out my return card ad am about to close the car door when someone wraps me in a big one armed hug. He tells me how I almost have him a heart attack.

Surely he must be mistaking me for someone else. It isn't anyone that I work with at the client site. He appears to be sane and having the most pure of intentions.

After a second squeeze, I am about to tell him he's mistaken when he proceeds to tell me how he almost killed me. How I caught him off guard when he was performing a last minute lane change.

Noticing the confused look on my face he explains a bit more. "Right at the off ramp for the airport", he exclaims. " I almost missed the turn off and when I slammed on my breaks to veer right, there you were! You didn't have your lights on so I had no idea you were behind me. I am so sorry. You have me a heart attack!!" As he clutches his chest.

The poor guy. I had no idea my lights were not on. Ugh!!

Perhaps the other drivers were not so erratic after all.

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Mom said...

We are very thankful to the LORD for the safety he gave to you. Our prayers for your protection were answered.