Sunday, April 07, 2013


We were in Utah this weekend (you can check out the pics on the travel blog if you so desire) and it was confirmed that I am a woman with fine fine tastes.

First I tried on a Wellendorff ring . . . oh my mercies they are more beautiful in real life! Hahaha there was about a month where I dreamed of one of these for my wedding band. Then I looked up the price. Not quite within our budget. Oops. Unless that was the only line item in our wedding budget. But oh my, they are gorgeous.

In case you don't want to click on the link and haven't seen a picture it is these lovely little beauties:

Then we stumbled across an art gallery of a photographer whose work takes my breath away: Michael Fatali. Here is a little shot of one of his prints:

We had first noticed his prints all over the Spa at the hotel that we were staying at. C. Ann and I were commenting to each other about how much we loved them. And then right there on main street was his gallery. What a privilege to see his art work in person. If I ever win the lottery . . .
My final confession has to do with a book I finished, the Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It caught my eye because it was about the first love and as some critics believe true love of Ernest Hemingway. I hadn't thought much about Hemingway in the past, but when we stopped in to see his favorite haunt in Havana, he was at the fore front. I was thinking that I just might need to grab a book of his from the library to check out.
So anyways, I picked up the book and was drawn into the artists world from the early 1900's in Europe.. Their take on marriage was so contradictory to what I believe and it left me so saddened to know how Hemingway ended up throwing away a marriage that others were marvelling at.  So sad. Leaves you with a new resolve to ensure that Jimmy and I never leave our marriage open to so much temptation. How important it is to cherish it and cultivate it during times of ease and happiness so that when we hit hard times, we have a solid foundation to help us through!
And of course, a good way for Jimmy to cultivate the marriage in our times of ease would be a lovely little Wellendorff or Fatali to show how true and deep his love really is . . . hahaha. . . . just kidding!

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