Monday, May 13, 2013

Top 10 Things for Spring

This Monday finds me so very grateful to be living in Calgary. It really is a beautiful city especially once the spring breezes find their way to the foothills that engulf our city.

So here are some of my top 10 favorite spring things of our city:

Favorite Restaurant: Bonterra
I adore a delightful patio in the springtime, and even more if it is equipped with patio heaters for those chilly nights. And so I would have to say that the Bonterra patio is hands down my favorite. Look at it - how can you not love it? There are fireplaces and patio heaters and delicious cappuccinos to keep you cozy. They will even pull out lap blankets for the ladies. Luv!

Favorite Ice Cream: Dairy Queen

It's not that Dairy Queen has the best ice cream nor that it is the most original. What I love most about Dairy Queen is it is a perfect walk from our house. We try not to make the trek too often but every now and then, after a brisk walk checking out our neighborhood, on a warm spring evening swinging by Dairy Queen en route home is too much of a temptation and such a delight! I usually order a small hot fudge sundae light on the hot fudge. That way I don't have to eat it while I walk. And the flavors are perfect as it combines their delicious soft serve ice cream with the rich chewy fudge! Yum!! (For those of you who are curious, Jimmy is often a marshmallow or caramel kind of guy).

Favorite Hike: Waterton Park is one of my favorite destinations

I would have to say that Bear's Hump is one of my favorite hikes I have done so far in Waterton mainly for the stunning view. There are those beautiful hikes I haven't done for years and others that I have only been able to read the reviews so far. I wish we had a bit longer summer so we could be guaranteed to always fit in a Waterton weekend!

This pic was one Jimmy and I shot the last time we had done this hike.

Favorite City Trail: Eau Claire to Memorial Drive AND the Douglas Fir Hiking Trails

Please, please let me pick two. It is my story after all. And I don't know how to pick between the two.

You see, Douglas Fir Hiking Trail is accessible along the ridge in Wildwood. It is a gorgeous heavily wooded hiking trail that has these lovely little lookout benches. It is full of roots and shade and a variety of trees. The air is fresh and heavily scented with pine. It is like a mountain trail within the city.

But the walking paths along the bow river are so lovely too. They are more for the leisurely stroll with an iced latte. These trails are filled with people watching, lovely bridges, various festivals and food trucks. The air is heavily scented with a variety of picnic grilled foods cooking. It is the perfect urban walking path.

Favorite Evening Activity: Dining in the backyard

This was a tough one so first I had to narrow it down to only those activities that you can do in the springtime and then I determined what I am most excited for. The conclusion,  I would have to say, is sitting outside to enjoy a home cooked meal. And if we can toss in a little bbq'd something to the meal then I am as happy as a lark!

Favorite Greenhouse: Sunnyside Home and Garden Center

I love heading over to Sunnyside at this time of year. It takes me forever to pick out my plants as I wander up and down the rows. I look at all the beautiful options, check the optimum conditions and hem and haw as to whether it would work on the side bed or in a pot. The smell of the wet dirt. The humidity. The beautiful accents.

I have grown to appreciate the quality of their plants and the staff as well. Some of the lovely workers have recommended beautiful perennials. The plants always grow well and survive year after year. Definitely a favorite if you are in the market for something in particular.

Favorite Pedicure Spot: Ruby's Nails

It is tucked away in this little strip mall. Your typical cheap pedicure spot. But the ladies are always laughing. It doesn't feel like they are talking about you even though you do not understand a word of what they are saying. And rain, snow or sleet - they greet you with a smile, treat you like the $25 pedicure queen you are and will get you out tout suite if you need to!

Favorite Community to Stroll Through: 4th Street (AKA Mission)

I still luv strolling through Mission on a beautiful spring day. There are a couple super cute little shops that I like to hit up - the kind that has little gifties, great hats and unique jewelry. And there are so many lovely little restaurants to pop into for a bite to eat. You can find specialty markets, grocery stores, butchers and more. Coffee shops, banks and art galleries. Really everything you could want in a neighborhood. And I do enjoy strolling through the Lilac Festival which will be here in a couple of weeks. If you haven't been down there in a while, be sure to pop in one sunny day. And if you are up for company . . . you know where to find me!

Favorite Saturday Night Activity: Catching up with Friends

One of the delightful things about spring in Canada is the drastic increase in daylight from those long winter nights. A person feels rejuvenated when you awake to the sun and can enjoy it long into the evening. For those of you who don't experience those long days, you are missing out just a little!

As a result of the longer days and of having a little extra energy, if someone is hosting a bbq or sing song around the fire pit, I am there! We have some fantastic friends in the city and so enjoy spending time with them!

Favorite Summer Food: Watermelon

I already told you all about my summer watermelon obsession so I am sure none of this comes as a surprise. And I have been noticing a resurgence of watermelon summer drink recipes again . . . just might need to give a couple a try this week with the half a watermelon that is sitting in my fridge . Perhaps this little one for a Watermelon Lemonade.

Now, as this is a Muchas Gracias Monday, take a moment and comment below about one of your favorite things for spring. I would love some ideas of what else to be sure to take in around town or what I need to do the next time I travel to your part of the world at this time of year.

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