Tuesday, May 07, 2013

An evening of jazz

Apparently April is Jazz appreciation month in Calgary! How I missed that, I do not know. Other than Calgary seems to be terrible at advertising certain things so unless you have someone in the know, you can miss out on a lot of fun events.

And once Maydelin caught word that I was going to be back in town, she wasted no time in reaching out to me to ensure we met up.

Since Maydelin is one of those in the know, well I am sure you can all deduct exactly where this is headed.

Within a day we had a lovely evening date planned for a night of jazz at the new Wine-Oh's cellar.

The weekend had been so much fun leading up to this; the day had included gorgeous sunshine and a walk with Shan; I had purchased a fun new tomato container for the counter; Jimmy was settled in enjoying play off hockey without anyone bugging him; even the guy who yelled at me, called me an idiot and proclaimed I was wasting my money for paying for parking on a Sunday (it isn't 1984 anymore sir; we do have to pay for parking in many of Calgary's parking lots 7 days of the week) couldn't dampen my spirits.

And so in I went. I settled into a seat close to the front. Was admiring the gorgeous pearl white upright bass. Grabbed a water while I perused the menu for what little treat I wanted to order in place of supper. Before long my friend strolled in and proceeded to tell me the entire band are her friends. See - she really is someone in the know!

We proceeded to catch up on snippets of our lives while listening to such a lovely set list that included a really fun piece composed by the pianist and my favorite of the night, a song one of the artists wrote for his six year old daughter.

It was such a perfect night!

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