Friday, May 17, 2013

The End of an Era

Jimmy and I watched the series finale of The Office last night. 9 Years - mercies - that is a long time ago!

But as long as 9 years is - when I look back, It isn't that long at all. 9 years ago I had already moved out to Calgary. The Berkan family had already grown to include a grandson/nephew and the most beautiful sister-in-law. I already knew that I hated liver and that I loved chocolate. The travel bug had already hit. I had already met my dearest of friends.

And yet so many things have been added. I have 3 more beautiful nephews. I have gained another whole family which I love. I own a house - eep - and as such am more in debt than I have ever been! I have moved on in my career twice and got married.

My 9 years feels like a blink and yet so much can happen in a blink.

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