Friday, May 10, 2013

Going fishing at the mall . . .

It is always funny what an effect that warm weather has on our city. And last night, while flipping through a magazine at the local Starbucks, I was able to enjoy some of that effect.

I wish I was a better sketcher as I would take the time to draw you a picture. Instead I must do it using words so sit back, and try to conjure an image of:

A greying man in his 60's or a bit older. His grey/white hair is a little bit crazy - not sure that he has taken the time to comb it yet. He has a big burly beard to go with it. The beard is long enough that it covers over the top of his neck. He is wearing black shorts that are a touch shorter than knee length and is pulling one of those black canvas wheeled basket/bag with the metal frame contraptions (the type you see people using to cart their heavy purchases home from the store). Then I notice his shirt. Oh here is where it gets good: his big hairy belly is poking out underneath a khaki fishing vest (the kind with all the pockets) as it's apparently too hot to wear a shirt. He has the vest fastened by a single buckle across his chest. As you picture this, make sure you crop the front to the top of the belly. Lots of room for your hip waders to fit if you were wearing hip waders. Don't forget that summer just arrived last weekend so the belly is bright white and the curly stomach hair is mostly silver. These type of vests don't tend to have collars and this one was no exception. But the plunging vee was accentuated with the frolicking chest hair curling up and around. I guess it is enough to satisfy the no shirt no service rule that most stores abide by. Maybe?

Aunty Elaine - I sure do hope that Uncle Leon busts out with an outfit like this sometime this summer! It was hot!!

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Elaine Scott said...

In 10 or so years that could be him. For now, he wears a tshirt under his fishing vest!!