Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fresh off the Boat

One of the delights in being with Jimmy is that I get to call 3 of Canada's most beautiful provinces home.

Saskatchewan will always be home for me although you probably often hear me call it 'The Farm'. It brings with it natural expanse, beautiful sunsets, big skies, gorgeous fields of blue and yellow fluttering in the wind. It has stunning valley's and gorgeous wildflowers. It's lakes are always begging for you to stop by with a picnic.

Alberta is my current beloved home. It welcomes me with its majestic mountains and deep deep blue waters. Driving through the ranchlands in the foot hills never fails to make me fumble for my camera and try to snap a million pictures. It's incredible views from mountain tops and glimpses of Calgary's gorgeous downtown all lit up make me smile every time I see them.

Nova Scotia is the latest to add itself to my repertoire of home. Gorgeous ocean bays calling for me to take a dip. Bountiful trees and hills. The scent of the sea water lingering in the air. Lighthouses and rock faces. And, of course, fishing boats and delicious fresh lobster.

While those who come from any of these spots I call home can't bring me mountains or sunsets, they can bring lobster. So when C. Ann was home for a week, she packed her bags full and picked Jimmy and I as two of the lucky ones to partake in the feast! Delicious.

Also - take note - C. Ann makes the best seafood chowder I have ever had. Yes, yes she does!!!

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Looks delicious!