Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Keeping up on the road

Wednesday's aren't just a fantastic morning (thanks to my oatmeal) but they are usually pretty good nights to. Why you wonder? Do I get oatmeal for supper? Is Wednesday the night that I find money? Do I book myself in for a massage?

No to all of those - it is even better.

Wednesday's are the nights, that if possible, Jimmy and I try hard to have a Law & Order date. It's pretty fun to watch a tv show we both like, thousands of miles apart while texting each other back and forth! We guess who did it? What the motives are? Whose crazier than who?

And tonight was one of those nights.

Now - if you thought that was enough to make any night a great night - add in a phone date with my bestest of friends Julie, during which we laughed more than we chatted. And add in shooting quick texts to friends to see what is new and let them know I am thinking of them. AND add in a delightful dinner of salad and fresh corn bread eaten outside on the back patio at the hotel in the beaming sunshine with the temperature gauge reading a lovely 22 degrees.

And that my friends, is how I keep up with others on the road.

If you let it - travelling for work can be incredibly isolating. So now you know how I try to encourage my cheer!

This was the view on the back patio while I was eating my supper - that might also have a little something to do with my cheer tonight . . . gosh it is good seeing flowers outside again!

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