Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wow - people say that time goes faster as you get older but I just can't imagine how it can get any faster. Mercies!!!

So anyways, this flying week included:

  • a winning goal and precelebration ice cream
  • crazy insanley over the top busy work and wondering how i am going to get it all done
  • dinner parties with friends and wishing that we had more time for chats
  • yummy burgers and a great night for bbq'ing
  • fittings for the guys and laughs when it is all over
  • the gym and sweating it out
  • early mornings and late nights
  • making new lists and crossing things off old lists
  • sending out the last invitation and receiving the first response card
And because of that - I intend to enjoy this weekend . . . every minute of it . . . regardless of what it might hold. . .  and how many items I complete on my to do list . . . or how many items are added.

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