Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Night

My stomach is tingling from the excitement of a special night just for us.
We share appies - our favorite way to do dinner on Friday night
Then it is time to dash off to the rink
The walk in you can feel the energy that only game night can bring
We find our seats and settle in
The score goes their way then our way
Then their way again
Finally I get to see the Iggy dance
It is in our favor once again
I snuggle in closer to the man I am going to marry
Despite being in a rink full of people, I have no doubt that I have found the one
With minutes left the score is tied again
The excitement is too much; my stomach is in my throat
The whole rink seems to collectively hold their breath
We are seconds away from a shoot out
Oh no . . . they are on a break away
Shoot . . . it was not to be tonight
He tucks my hand in his arm as we start the trek back to the van
The air is now filled with disappointment
But I'm not disappointed
I had a lovely date
With the one I love
My Iggy dance is going crazy
Yes it is

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