Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter Games

So before I actually talk abou the winter games, I do need to tell you that I received some pretty exciting news today but I can't share it with you . . .yet. . . just know that it is pretty darn exciting.

Anyways, back to my original topic.

The Opening is on for the Canada winter games. It is being held in Halifax this year. And as a fitting foreshadowing to our little event coming up on April 23, the last two teams to come in were Saskatchewan followed by Nova Scotia. (Really the signs are everywhere . . .)

I am not sure what it is about events like this but as Saskatchewan walked through, I could feel goose bumps forming. The commentators noted that Saskatchewan is quite the province - like none other. I love that. I am soooo proud to be from Sask.

My goose bumps only increased when everyone increased the energy level just that much more for their home team. Our friend, the premier, was their cheering along with the Prime Minister and other such notable individuals. Tears formed as the athletes beamed from ear to ear.

As proud as I am to be from Saskatchewan, I am just as proud to be marrying a Nova Scotian. We may be quite the province, but Nova Scotia is quick to love us for who we are.

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