Monday, February 21, 2011

Brisket and Chocolate

Had some great friends over for dinner tonight and so I decided to go against mom and dad's entertaining rules of 'never try a new recipe'. I had been reading a food blog a while ago that was talking about a Maple Brisket. 'Brisket' is new to me. I wasn't sure what cut of meat it was nor was I sure where to find it but thanks to Brad I was ready to give it a go today. He reviewed the recipe to make sure that it contained all the necessary ingredients, gave me a few tips on searing, etc. and after tracking one down at the local co-op (I love that store) I was ready.

Mercies, it was delicious! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to try something new. I just hope everyone at the table felt the same way. Jimmy did say if he wasn't worried about being rude he would have eaten much more so I will take that as an okay to make again.

And for dessert? Well nutella brownies and ice cream of course!


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