Sunday, February 13, 2011

I finally got the courage to share something pretty special with Jimmy. I was nervous that he wouldn't like it and so wasn't quite ready to face that fact. Especially when he loves to mumble under his breath 'Germans, the germans are coming'. But it had been far too long. So I scoured the shelves yesterday to make sure I had the best there was to be had. I spent two hours this afternoon browning, mincing, chopping, stirring, simmering, hoping and praying.

Buroch and Bouteglaise . . . soooo delicious! Even Jimmy said so and I don't think he was lying as he didn't shy away from seconds.

I just wish that Gramps was here to make these with me. I would have loved for Jimmy to have met my Grandpa . . . I think that Gramps would have liked him . . . I also think that Gramps would have kicked his butt in crib!!

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Mom said...

Juliane, your Gramps would be so proud of you. They all look DELICIOUS!! Love your last photo.