Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow, it feels like time is slipping away so quickly and I am not too sure where it slipped too . . . I will admit though I am certainly loving the beautiful weather outside which might have contributed to the status of my days. There was also this little thing called OUR FIRST CLIENT RELEASE OF OUR NEW PRODUCT that happened at work. That also might have contributed a bit to my mental state as of late considering I had worked every night for the last two weeks. But all that aside, I did manage to slip in some adventures.

There was the sewage that flooded the apartment lobby. Bright and early - before the stomach had awoken for the day I was greeted with the pungent odor and the distinctive squish of wet carpet beneath your feet. Eeew!!!! It was ankle deep by the time I reached the outside door. Fortunately I had chosen a cute skirt and my knee high boots; unfortunately I had to walk all the way to the office before I could wash off my boots . . .

And there was the fun birthday planned for a friend out in Banff. After a lovely Saturday brunching and cruising with the top down I met the ladies at a little restaurant for dinner. By the time we were ready to move on, I was feeling incredibly ill. I spent the rest of the evening watching bad Banff hotel TV and waiting for the nausea to pass.

Then there was the moment Sarah and I decided we want to sample two kinds of ice cream . . . for the record - the double is the size of Lincoln's head!!!! But oh such a perfect treat to stroll through Garrison woods with. Just watch out for vehicles reversing. They don't always look in their rear view mirror first.

Finally there was the lovely dinner with a dear friend at a yummy little mexican restaurant on south macleod. I quickly became a huge advocate of the beef burrito! The evening was a much needed break after a little thing called A PRODUCTION EMERGENCY ON THE PROJECT I AM WORKING that happened at work the day after the other little thing I shared about at the start of the blog.

Yeah, the past week and a bit has certainly contained a few adventures. But I think that is why I like my life so much most days. It is certainly rarely boring and almost never predictable.

Okay - enough procrastination! I need to get my work done so that I can head out tomorrow night to visit a friend and her new little one! Too fun!!!

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abbott said...

for the record, that burrito still tasted delicious after being microwaved - lettuce, sour cream and all!!