Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's raining outside

when it rains outside, all I want to do is stay home all day

i wish i could cozy up in a blanket

dream of curling up next to a crackling fire

reading a good book

sipping hot chocolate

smelling freshly baked goodness

i can't cozy up in a blanket for most of the day

i don't have a crackling fire to curl up next to

i need to buy a good book

but i can make hot chocolate

and i can make some freshly baked goodness

and then i can dream about the sunshine

and all the fun that a sunny day brings


Robin Berkan said...

I love your poems! Ever thought of publishing them?

Jules said...

really?? you think so? oh aunty robin - I am glad you like!!

I haven't officially thought about publishing them but i am thinking of taking a writing course at mount royal in the fall; they have a few different courses about blogging or travel writing that I am quite excited to check out