Thursday, April 08, 2010

Late April Weather

Various nights as of late, the timing is perfect for Brenda and I to walk home together. At the point where we part paths we are both less then 2 blocks away from our respective apartments.

Tongiht was one of those nights. However, looking outside 15 minutes before the home bell rang, I wasn't too sure about this plan. Perhaps Jimmy would feel like being our night in shining armor...

(if you look closely enough you can see the effects of light snow flurries)

By the time Brenda's train arrived outside my office, the snow, rain and wind were gone. We Let Jimmy know we were okay and started the 15 minute walk home.

Within 2 minutes the wind picked up and brought with it sleet that felt like shreds of glass. We ducked behind a sign so that Brenda could wrap her scarf like a baboushka around her hair. I wasn't willing to give up the little warmth it was adding to my neck and decided to risk losing my cute hairdo instead.

In the end neither of us were better off than the other. Both of us had mascara streaming down our faces, our hair was soaked and our pants were dripping!

(This was the view from my apartment by the time I made it home)

Finally arriving at my apartment, soaked through to the skin, the sleet running down my face, I could not wait to get up to my place and hunker down underneath a blanket. But alas, my luck had not turned yet. The elevators were both broken - one stuck on floor 4 and the other on 17. After waiting a couple of minutes and continually pushing the buttons neither one had moved. Argh - floor 17 - that was where I could not wait to be!!! Stairs it is.

So 17 flights later, I am upstairs with nothing to eat (was going to hit the grocery store once I made it home), my lights are flashing on and off and I need to head out to cheer the Schooners to their first play off victory.

Oh dear - I hope the elevator is in operation again by the time I get home . . .

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