Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pizza Showdown

In case you haven't figured it out already, I love eating. And for those of you still wondering - it takes a lot for me to get tired of pizza.  Don't judge me - we all have our guilty pleasures! Thank goodness pizza happens to be one of Jimmy's as well.

So somewhere over these last couple of months, it has become our mission to try all the joints out there claiming to have 'the best pizza in town'!

First up in this post, Pizza Bob's, located accross the river on Kensington road and Memorial.

I ordered a meaty boy pizza and a chicken and pineapple'ish girly pizza. Jimmy stopped in to pick it up on the way to my place for a night in. He really liked the vibe and the pizza wasn't too shabby either!! Nice thin crust, fresh toppings, cheesy; everything a pizza should be. I still think that Vogglio edged it out ever so slightly though. Vogglio's pizza crust was just that much thinner and slightly crispy and the vegetarian girly option was sooo yummy. Pizza Bob's veggie options didn't appeal to me quite as much.

The other pizza joint I want to share with you came through a recommendation from Mel! She was all amazed by their donair pizza.

To crank it back - donair pizza is incredibly popular in Nova Scotia (and I would venture to guess other Eastern provinces as well). I was first introduced to donair pizza in Antigonish, when Jimmy took me to see his home for the first time. The Wheel Pizza and Sub Shop is a local pizza shop that the majority of Jimmy and his friends love so much they will even have uncooked pizza's brought out by visitors. I will honestly attest that the donair sauce is second to none and the pizza is pretty darn yummy!

Soooo when I heard about donair pizza in Calgary, I knew we had to try it! It has been a while in the planning for various reasons: Jimmy wasn't too sure if it would be as good as the claim, they don't deliver to any of the areas of town that we frequent; there were other pizza joints much closer that we had yet to try. But finally the time was here. It was a bit of a gong show trying to order - was I asking for three sauces or a side of sweet sauce - you can see how that would be an easy mistake to make! Struggled through it and we were off.

The result: Seniores Pizza was quite a delightful surprise. Their donair pizza is the best Calgary has to offer (the Wheel is still better) and if you mix a dollop of the garlic sauce with one of the 4 sweet sauces (yes that is right - trying to correct the order to 1 sweet sauce I somehow ended up with 3 + 1 or 4 sweet sauces - and I don't think it had anything to do with how cute I am) you will have a pretty yummy dipping blend.

The unanimous verdict is that if we have a hankering for a little donair pizza, Seniores is certainly worth the trip, regardless of the adventure it takes to get there. And you can't go wrong with a little Jones cream soda for the journey . . .

Laugh out loud (REAL LOUD)

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree on this pizza joint. Small location, but good pie. I think this is what I will have for supper tonight! :-)