Thursday, April 08, 2010

A breath of fresh air

Good Friday proved to be the perfect day to escape the city and its daily routine. We gassed up Zinny, and were off. Without a plan nor an end destination in mind, time granted us permission to stop wherever we wished. And stop we did . . .

We saw swans and bovines:

We witnessed geese skating

We made our way to the Rafter Six Ranch (they filmed Gunsmoke there you know . . . )

We drove through Canmore and took the long route home via Ghost Lake. The colors were spectacular.

We wondered over His handiwork

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Robin Berkan said...

Just "found" your blog (Jay and Sandra told me how to get to it and your mom gave me your address). I love these pictures!!! I so want to live close to the mountains, the prairies "just ain't cuttin' it"! Thanks for the views!