Sunday, November 08, 2009

My prayer . . .

Do you ever feel helpless? You are watching something unfold before your eyes and there is nothing you can do about it. Or someone you care very dearly for is enduring more trauma in a short period of time than anyone should over a lifetime.

My life seems to be filled with these moments lately. Moments where my heart just aches for others around me. Fathers who are gravely ill far too soon in life. Couples who would be the most loving parents ever and yet they have been continuously denied. Surgeries and cancer. Matters of the heart.

There is nothing I can physically do to help. I wish I had a medical background. I daydream about how much I could do if I was a philanthropist. I research on the Internet and try to think of every possible solution. I lie awake at night praying that all the pain would disappear. And yet I remain so helpless. I catch myself being short with others and exasperated that I can't do more. It is times like this where you need to cling to your faith and the promise that prayer truly is the one thing that can make a difference!

And as such, I pray.

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