Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's My Birthday . . .

Not today. Annnddddd not tomorrow. Nor the day after tomorrow. But soon. In 4 sleeps soon. In a way my birthday has already arrived. I mean technically, this is my birthday week. As is the week after my birthday in case anyone is wondering. And yes that does mean that I get two weeks out of the deal!! But the day I get to be a complete diva is still on its way!

And so I just wanted to share that it's my birthday. Not today. Nor tomorrow. But soon. 4 sleeps soon.

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Mom said...

Is this post for your mother? I do remember when I gave birth to my first born child!! It was on Sunday,November 16th, bright and sunny at 4:26 pm and you weighed 9lbs. 53/4oz. The only thing was you didn't have your full name until 4 days later!! We couldn't decide on the name but I won out and am glad I did. Juliane is a pretty name!! We would love to be there but are still combining. Love you and have a Happy Birthday.